SellerSprite Affiliate Program
Together with SellerSprite, Help Sellers start their businesses
For each referral, you can get a 30% commission on the payment
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How to Join Our Affiliate Program?
When you partner with SellerSprite and successfully promote our tool to new users, you will reap great rewards!
Apply to join us
Fill in your information, and we will review it as soon as possible and provide your exclusive link and discount code.
Promote us to your followers
Publish SellerSprite related content on any channels, including YouTube, Tiktok, blogs, INS, etc.
30% commission for each conversion
Conversions will be considerable as long as you create more content. Your efforts equal your rewards.

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Together with SellerSprite, Help Sellers start their businesses
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Affiliate Program FAQ
  • What is SellerSprite?
    SellerSprite is a commonly used tool by Amazon sellers, with a number of popular functions such as Product Research based on big data and 900,000+ Amazon sellers users worldwide.
  • Who can join the SellerSprite Affiliate Program?
    The program is open to everyone, but we prefer Amazon sellers, trainers, KOLs, and others who are interested in Amazon or e-commerce.
  • How do I apply to join the Affiliate Program?
    Just submit your application and we will review it and inform you of the results.
  • I don't know about Amazon, can I still join the affiliate program?
    As long as you have a large number of fans, you can try to join us. This is a good opportunity for you to transform into the e-commerce market.
  • Is there a limit to the commission I can get?
    We do not set limits to the sum of commission. As long as users pay through your exclusive discount code, we will give you a rebate.