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Analyze the Market
  • Produce market analysis reports with 26+ customizable dimensions
  • Over 20M unique datasets available and updated monthly
  • Track competitor storefronts with daily updates on new products, dominant categories
Discover Products
  • Display products' historical trends over the past 3 years
  • Detailed listing information, including BSR, Price, Ratings, Units Sold, etc.
  • Monitor any active listings and receive updates every 24 hours
Mine Keywords
  • Use advanced algorithms to know accurate search volume data
  • Track keyword's daily rank changes and look up high-traffic keywords through ASIN
  • Find the power of every keyword within specific sub categories
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$64 1 Month
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Basic Plan
$257 1 Year
Regularly $468
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Standard Plan
$521 1 Year
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Browser Extension
ABA Search Terms
Market Research
Keyword Sprite
Product Sprite
Tracking Sprite

SellerSprite Browser Extension (80% Functions of Web Version)

  • Keepa Alternative: Show historical trends of the listing
  • Product Research: View the listing's sales trends directly from Amazon with one click
  • Reverse ASIN: Find out high-traffic keywords in the listing
  • Keyword Mining: Discover the efficacy of any keywords in the market and provide keyword suggestions
  • Keyword Explorer: Check the power of any keywords of the ASIN as exposed in different location/ranking upon the search
  • Download Listing Photos and A+ Images, Customer Images, Reviews and Q&A with one click
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