How to Use Google Trends to Find Best Selling Niche Trending Products for Amazon FBA Seller ?


With the rapid development of computer technology, the value of data is inestimable. How to capture effective information and create wealth? Google Trends is well worth researching.

As we all know, in terms of search engines, Google is the leading enterprise, with nearly 80% share of PC and nearly 96% share of mobile. It is used by Internet users around the world and is searched for billions of times a day. In order to better highlight the value of these search data, Google launched Google Trends in 2006, which is a free online search tool. It allows you to see the popularity and search trend of a certain keyword over time. And these data metrics are mainly from Google Search, Google Shopping, YouTube, Google News, and Google Pictures.

What does Google Trends do?
Enter the keyword, and you will get the Google Trend Interest for that term from 2004 to the present (the exact search volume/the average search volume over a period of time. The value is from 0-100. The higher the value, the greater the popularity). At the same time, you can also set a comparison item for it, and compare up to 5 keywords simultaneously.

Keyword popularity ranked by region and city. You can switch between sub-regions and cities to see the specific ranking.

Keyword related topics and related queries. You can learn about the popularity and interest of related words. Click the search term to see search volume soaring and current top related keywords, which is similar to BSR and New Releases on Amazon.

In addition to searching for keywords, you can also view the trending searches and years in search in the menu bar to know the current hot information.

Although Google Trends cannot dig deep into data, it can find niche markets, do product research, develop quarterly marketing strategies and track data trends, such as doing keyword research, understanding industry, brand and product trends, and analyzing competitors, etc.

1. Research keyword
For Amazon sellers, whether the title, bullet point, description, PPC, reviews, keywords are the core. How to know the keywords are accurate? Take “spoon” and “scoop” as an example. Whoever of them is more suitable to use as the keyword? Fill into the search box and compare them to see how popular they are and which one is more commercially valuable. You can also change the country, region, and city to see if there is any difference.

2. Find niche markets
Take “spoon” and “scoop” as an example as well. In the chart, we can see that Pakistan and Japan are the most searched countries, so Pakistan and Japan are our first choice if we want to do spoon business. Secondly, it can be seen that the French prefer to use “scoop”, so you should pay special attention when optimizing keywords.

3. Develop marketing strategies
Developing a marketing strategy requires a lot of data. Google Trend can help you analyze the historical trend of a product. Based on the trend, we can judge whether there is seasonality. Take “Umbrellas” as an example. We can find that the search volume reached a peak every year in June, which is an obvious seasonal product. Then, we should have finished stocking before June each year.

4. Scope out competitors
Fill into a brand name to see its trends over the years and its popular markets. Take “Sony”, the representative brand of 3C products, as an example. This word reaches its peak in December every year, which may be caused by Christmas. However, Sony’s search popularity has been decreasing year by year. Whether it is a trend in the whole industry or the rise of competitors?

5. Do content marketing
We all know how important the hot event is for us. If we can make good use of it, our content will be easier to search out. What matters most in content marketing is the popularity of articles. Trending Searches in Google Trends are good sources.

All in all, Google Trend as a free data tool has helped us with a basic classification. After all, deeper data analysis and development may require more resources.

SellerSprite - Keyword Mining has integrated Google Trend.

Entering keywords in the Keyword Mining can not only get a series of information about the keyword on Amazon but also see the search data of the keyword on Google, which combines the information inside and outside. Click “G” on the right to view the keyword’s historical information. In the detailed page, you can choose Google Web Search, Google Shopping Search, time interval, etc.

After obtaining the keyword information outside, you can further judge the market. For the preliminary research of developing new markets, a large amount of data can be provided to analyze the accessibility; for outside marketing, both SEO and PPC will be even more powerful.

The significance of this function is to make up for the lack and delay of keyword information on Amazon. Although Amazon is a department store, there is always something that it does not cover. If you can find the products that searches have been rising for years or have increased recently on Google but have no sign on Amazon, then chance will fall to you.

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