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SellerSprite - The Professional Amazon Keyword Optimization and Product Research Tool.

Deeply ingraining in Amazon for many years, SellerSprite has incubated three services related to Amazon data.


API is suitable for companies with technical teams, providing various types of API of Amazon such as market resarch and product research, which makes data collection more convenient.

Main types of API

✔Competitor Lookup 
✔Product Research
✔Keyword Mining
✔Google Trends
✔ASIN Details
✔Product Node
✔Keyword Research
✔ABA Search Terms
✔ASIN Sales Estimator
✔BSR Sales Estimator
✔Keyword Distribution
✔Reverse ASIN
✔Related Products
✔Market Research

Supports 9 Amazon marketplaces:

United States, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, India and Canada.

API list and quotation:


Here is API document:


Data Packet

Data packet offers all data under different Amazon categories you want and support to filter by sales, keywords and other parameters, which makes data more comprehensive.

Packet type:

✔Product Data       ✔Keyword Data

Differences from APIs:

  • Data packet can obtain all data under various categories and support to filter by different parameters and process fields

  • Data packet can meet the need of product research of substantial data and include other data from different types of API.

Customized Data Reports

Customized Data Reports can produce reports of specific categories for personized demands. It can make manual sort of products, select potential keywords and judge market risks to meet your company's needs in different development stages.

Report type:

✔Monthly/quarterly/annual data report      ✔Category Data Report

Any Amazon data needs, you can contact customer service.


Cc Email: 601529208@qq.com

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