Web APP Makes Product Discovery Easy,Extension Makes Data Research Fast

3 steps to grow your Amazon business

Install SellerSprite extensionBrowse on AmazonGet the late data automatically
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Product Quick View:view product info at a glance

  • View product data on the Amazon product page without entering the Listing page.
  • Data & competitor research made easy.
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Market Research: provide all data points needed for market analysis

  • Generate a market report on the search result/BSR page instantly.
  • Evaluate market opportunity and competition fast.
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Competitor Research: learn your competitors’ strategy

  • Access sales trends, reviews, and much more on the Amazon search result page/listing page/ BSR page.
  • Gain millions of data in real-time, identify the latest market tendency.
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Keyword Research: find the keywords that count

  • Intelligent Mining: find out the core keywords related to your target market.
  • Get Keywords: find out the exact and long-tail keywords related to your target market.
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Reverse ASIN Keywords: dig competitor keywords

  • Discover which keywords drive the most traffic for your competitors on the Listing page.
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A Copy of Keepa Extension: lifetime free trial

  • Work the same as Keepa, but provide a more clean interference.
  • Track the history of every Amazon items’price, BSR, etc.
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Batch Download: free up your hands

  • Download the Listing image, A+image, customer image with one click on the Listing page.
  • Download the review and Q&A in one click on the Listing page.
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