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Payment FAQ

How to subscribe Sellersprite’ plan at the best price?

If you choose to subscribe the annual plan, you can get the plan with 20% off! 

Monthly limits of annual plan will renew each month.

We have promotions from time to time! Remember to follow our notifications or banners.

How to pay?

1. Place the order and finish the payment online with Paypal or Credit cards directly.
2. Add funds to your account and purchase with the balance.

Does it support refunds?

Sorry, it doesn’t, but your subscription can be canceled prior to the next renewal period to end your subscription if needed.

If I change to a yearly plan, will I get refunds for may existing plan?

For sure. If you upgrade your monthly plan to a yearly plan, the refund will be calculated based on the remaining time on your existing plan and will return to your payment account in 3-5 days.

What if I exceed my plan’s limits?

You can subscribe a new plan or contact our customer service for help.

How are fees calculated for third-party operators?

For third-party operators, you can reach out to us at directly for a quote on customized API services. 

SellerSprite API price


88.00 per month

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