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SellerSprite extension has updated to version V4.2.0 and added a ton of useful features.

New version: 4.2.0
Date: 2023-11-06
New Update:
👉【Shulex Joint Edition | Bulk Review Analysis】 Only takes 30 seconds, one-click AI analysis of mainstream e-commerce reviews and social media consumer feedback.
👉【Shulex Joint Edition | Product Attribute Analysis】 Research category trends in just 1 minute!

Recent Update:
👉 【New Marketplace】SellerSprite extention supports
👉 【Experience Improvement】Smoother user experience~

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The SellerSprite Browser Extension imbues a seller with an arsenal of seller tools which are accessible directly from the Amazon platform. The extension holds functionality fundamental to seller success in the online marketplace of today, namely market research, operations monitoring, product research, and listing optimization.

Having installed and enabled the plug-in, navigating to Amazon and engaging with the SellerSprite Icon in the lower right-hand portion of the page will reveal 4 primary tools: Product Research, Reverse ASIN Keyword, Keyword Mining, and Keyword Assessment. For a more detailed overview concerning each of these tools, please see their individual guides located under the Help Section on the SellerSprite webpage. 

However impressive, going beyond mere functionality, one of the most important aspects of the browser extension may be summed up in a word. Efficiency. SellerSprite’s browser extension seeks to save seller time when at all possible. Making proper use of time is something which the team behind the curtain considers to be of great import, knowing well its incomparable value when it comes to operating a business, large or small. 


Imagine, for a moment, assuming the role of an Amazon seller involved in the business of cell phone accessories. From the Best Sellers page under the Cell Phones & Accessories department, engaging with SellerSprite Icon in the lower right-hand corner of the page brings up a slide-out displaying results of a quick-execution of the Product Research tool. 

Product Research is accessible from any Amazon search results or Best Seller page. There are 17 columns of information available to the seller, each with actionable datasets providing key insights into seller research. The products listed are shown in order as they appear on the current Amazon page occupied by the seller, which in this case is the Cell Phone & Accessories Best Sellers page. 

Engaging with the “Analyze Now” button in the upper right-hand portion of the slide-out will instantly generate a 26 dimension market analysis report in a new tab. 


Extensive sub-market analysis, then, can be performed directly from Amazon and, more importantly, within any sub-market of seller choosing. A seller would be wise to note that the market analysis report pictured above is interactive. There are 2 drop-downs from which a seller may select to further customize the results provided in the table.

Returning to the aforementioned Amazon Best Sellers page, the seller closes the browser extension slide-out by engaging with the “X” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. The extension displays information beside each product shown on the page, offering a quick-view into vital information pertaining to each listing. 


At a glance, the seller is given information related to a product's BSR across the category pathways, number of sellers, listing publication date, monthly unit sales, estimated FBA fees, estimated gross margin, number of listing variations, and more. Product Quick View provides a level of efficiency inside market and product research that, once experienced, is difficult to forego. 

Based on their Best Sellers page broad market and product research, the seller decides to move forward with the production and sales of screen protectors for the iPhone. Executing a search for “iphone screen protector” under All Departments, the seller is presented with some options shown just below the search bar from Amazon. 

Among 2 others there lies the “Mine Keywords” actionable which, when clicked, reveals a slide-out which shows the results of the “Intelligent Mining” function found within SellerSprite. 


Keyword Mining in its entirety is accessible through the browser extension. Having gathered their desired amount of traffic-driving keywords from the list, the seller moves onto particular product pages for more targeted keyword harvesting. 

Closing the browser extension slide-out, the seller engages with the first organic result shown after entering the search “iphone screen protector.” Clicking “Get Keywords” near the top of the product page instantly runs the Reverse ASIN Keywords tool on the listing. 

It is here where there will be a number of useful keywords for the seller to utilize inside their own listing. Simply exporting the list, achieved by engaging with the “Export” button on the lower-left hand side of the page, and returning to it later on in the process will prove to be of great benefit in the realm of listing optimization. 

Returning to the product page, the seller is presented with several different avenues from which they may proceed. 


Beginning from the upper-left hand portion of the listing, the product’s Listing Quality Score is displayed bearing a particular rating from 1.0-10.0. This listing, unsurprisingly, bears a rating of 10. Clicking the rating itself will reveal the parameters by which the product page is evaluated. 


Having met the parameters for a perfect score in all categories, a rating of 10 is provided. All of these boxes ought to be checked in order to maintain a quality listing that performs well within the online marketplace. 

Interested in seeing the historical sales trends of this particular product, the seller engages with the “Historical Trends” button underneath the Product Quick View data discussed above. 


The power of the Complete Keepa Replacement is revealed to the seller in the form of sales data which stretches back several years, reaching unto the original publication of the listing. Aside from historical sales trend data, there lies even more historical data regarding Daily Units Sold, BSR, Price, Rating, and Ratings Rate depicted in interactive graphical format.

Moving from the historical trends for the listing, the seller engages with the Review Analysis button located just right of the main product image in the middle of the page. Within moments, a report is generated dividing and detailing vital information to be found within the customer reviews. This tool will prove helpful in manifold business operations on Amazon. 

The seller has several more options in regards to research on any product page to be found on Amazon. Bulk Product Image Download can be done in a click-of-a-button for either main product images, or A+ images, if applicable, found further below inside the product description. 

At this point, the seller moves forward with the publication of their own listing in this sub-market. Having published the listing, they gather the primary keywords they’ve implemented within their product description. 

Whilst on their product page, they engage with the SellerSprite Icon found in the lower-right hand portion of the page and click “Keyword Assessment.” Keyword Assessment stands as the final feature to be discussed in this overview, and vital to the seller in maintaining a healthy, successful listing. 


From here, they may decide to either get rid of, or add new, keywords to their newfound listing. 

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