Guide on SellerSprite Chrome Extension

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SellerSprite (Extension) has 4 parts: The copy of Keepa Extension, Reverse ASIN Keyword, Keyword Mining, Product Research!

The copy of Keepa Extension

It includes a series of core data such as price, BSR, ratings, reviews, sellers, deal price, buybox price, etc. of the Listing since it has been launched, so as to facilitate sellers to track the whole process of building the Listing, sequentially making their own operation and promotion plans;

Reverse ASIN Keyword

Dig out the traffic keywords of your competitors on Amazon, which is crucial for your listing and PPC optimization;

Keyword Mining

Find out the relevant keywords along with accurate search data, helping you identify the best keyword for your listing and PPC;

Product Research

Accurately estimate monthly sales of Listing in the past 3 years through the intelligent algorithm, including the price, BSR, reviews, rating, follow-up, deal info since the Listing has been launched.

How to use SellerSprite Chrome Extension?

Get the Chrome Extension: Install

The copy of Keepa Extension

1. Open a product page and wait seconds, SellerSprite will automatically show the ASIN price, BSR, review, etc. 

SellerSprite Extension v2.0.0 newly added the time range search for 3 months, 6 months, 1 year.

Reverse ASIN Keyword

1. Open a product page, and click the extension icon, the system will automatically show you all the keywords that drive traffic to this ASIN.

Take ASIN ”B07RP726TK“ as an example, you can enter the ASIN manually in the top right corner for searching as well.

2. You can also get the traffic-driving keywords for other ASINs that are on the product page. Click the drop-down arrow in the search box and all ASINs on this page will appear.

Keyword Mining

1. Find out the relevant keywords. Entering the “boppy pillow” on Amazon, the system will show the relevant keywords after clicking the extension icon.

In addition to searching on the Amazon results page, you can also manually enter keywords in the top right corner.

2. Clicking the data under Searches and Market Analysis, you can view the search trend of this keyword in the past three years and the product's average price/reviews/rating for the first 3 pages of search results after searching for this keyword on Amazon(natural search results).

Product Research

1. Open any page on Amazon and click the extension icon, the system will automatically show the sales data of all ASINs on that page; if you need quick search, you can directly enter "ASIN" or “Keyword" in the search box. 

Tips: If some ASINs are not included in the system, there may be no data; "i" represents the data is unavailable.

2. It provides the ASIN's monthly sales trend in the last 3 years, as well as the price, BSR, reviews, rating, etc., since it has been launched; clicking the blue number will showing the corresponding trend chart;

3. It also supports the FBA profit calculator. Click the profit margin number to pop up the "FBA profit calculator", helping you accurately calculate Amazon FBA fees, revenue, and profit, which is conducive to budget management and purchasing decisions;

Data Export

In order to facilitate analyzing and filtering data, SellerSprite extension supports to export data in Reverse ASIN keyword, Keyword Mining, and Product Research;

Just click the "Export" button in the lower-left corner of the search results page.

Tips: Export the sales data after all data has been loaded.

psycleworks 2020-03-05 08:04
Currently I'm using Chrome browser language in Korean, but want to use sellersprite chrome extension in English instead of Chinese. Please advise if this is possible. Thank you for your help.
reply : You can change the Chrome language to English, and it will be all right.