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The Sales Estimation tool is designed to give sellers direct insight into sub-market sales trends via interactive graphing which details the estimated units sold and revenue generated by each particular listing occupying any given BSR rank within the particular product category. Engaging with the tool will reveal 2 unique functions: BSR Sales Estimation and ASIN Sales Estimation. 

If a seller were to select “Sales Estimation” under the Free Tool drop-down, BSR Sales Estimation reveals itself by default. 


As shown, the parameters to be filled by the seller are few in number. First off, a seller has the ability to choose the region of the Amazon Market they are looking to research. Choose the region-specific market in which keyword data research should take place, picking from the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, or India. 

After the seller-preferred region of market research has been selected, a seller can choose the particular product category within which BSR Sales Estimation should occur. Imagine a seller involved in the business of men’s clothing looking for insight into the larger competitors inside their sub-market. Having selected the “Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry” category, the seller enters 30 into the BSR search bar. 

Engaging with the “Estimated Sales” button reveals the seller with a row of data concerning the particular BSR’s daily and monthly units sold, lying above a graph offering a visual representation of the estimated daily units sold for the range of products ranked 1-1000+. 


Hovering over certain points in the graph will provide the seller with detailed unit sales information concerning any given BSR within the chosen product category. Having retrieved the necessary information from competitor unit sales ahead and behind them in the rankings, the seller moves forward with the tool’s next function. 

Returning to the main portion of the Sales Estimation tool, the seller engages with ASIN Sales Estimation. Selecting a high-ranking product related to the seller’s primary business, that is men’s clothing, the seller enters the ASIN of the competitor listing and engages with research. 


ASIN Sales Estimation performs its duty and reveals from the first a chart detailing estimated monthly units sold, revenue, and listing price for the chosen listing. The data tells a story concerning the listing’s performance over the past year.


Further still, scrolling down the page brings the seller to an interactive chart portraying daily changes within the listing’s BSR, estimated units sold, and listing price. If a seller were to click and drag the gray bar underneath the graph, historical data extending unto the product’s original publication will be presented in the chart.

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