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Welcome to SellerSprite, where data makes every decision. We have the largest Amazon Keyword, Ranking and Historical Data for sellers, with this tremendous data set our main goal is to help sellers to get succeeded on their amazon journey. There are more than 200 tools under SellerSprite so you guys leverage them to explore your competitors every metrics. Just believe me if you use all those tools and analyze your competitors in depth you will be as if to see competitors' SellerCentral insight. 

Amazon is getting to be more complex and almost every month a new tool out there. As a payoneer Amazon Data Analyze Software we constantly launching cutting edge tools for our users. For instance, in 2023 we added AI Review Analysis, Competing Products, Keyword Conversion Rate Indicator for ASIN features in our tool.  

On Amazon world we need to start analyzing from past, so hence we have some powerful indicators to track every keyword volume from 2017,  furthermore track every ASIN for different metrics since it has been created.  For example, ASIN review growth, price, deals, ranking(!!! We track every ASIN's position for more than 100 keywords-organically and sponsored). To analyze this historical data we have Reverse ASIN, Keyword Explorer, Keyword Distribution and more. 

Some unique tools make us to stand out from other softwares. Market Analysis, AI Review Insight, Competing Products, Competitors PPC Analyzer, ABA Ranking Analyzer and more. 

Let's begin from traditional tool Keyword Research and analyze some data. 

When we search new product to launch it is recommended to use in depth filtration tools, such as Market cycle to select Increasing or General market not seasonal. Next one of the important features of us is Purchase Rate. This metric defines keyword conversion ratio and ultimately our sales, PPC and success will depend on conversion ratio of our keyword. More than 5% conversion ratio we suppose better result. Click Concentration will help you to avoid severe competitiveness. Try to find market that sales distribution is fair and small sellers also set their share from market. Traffic Cost will guide you to estimate beforehand how much you should pay to Ads to generate $100 revenue. This tool defines your future P&L strategy. Sellers should consider PPC cost so be really profitable. 

From above research we hope you found a keyword that you wanna go forward. Indeed I found :) and I am gonna continue with that keyword. retractable baby gates

There are several steps to validate product to launch and grow. First of all begin with Market Analysis. We need to understand Market situation, like how many sellers are out there, what is average sales unite, review amount, review velocity. Sellers strategy, market trends and etc... To do all these operations Market Analysis would help us.  Search the keyword on amazon and create Market Analysis report for 100 products, then you are gonna understand real market demand and supply. 

We clearly see from above that market cycle is upward that is perfect signal. 2nd bar chart illustrates us there are at least 15 new products launched within 6 months that highlighted with purple color. This also means that there is a way for new sellers and you might launch this product as well. But don't forget we are just in the beginning.

In the following section we need to analyze Keyword related metrics, such as search Search volume, ABA ranking, conversion ratio, Click concentration, Conversion share and more. Sellers can utilize Keyword Mining to dive into and discover related keywords. How many there are, what is their historical trends and more. 

When we leverage those filtration tools we can narrow down 1240 keywords under 100 and analyze the most suitable for our product. What is more, Horizontally you can see keywords metrics,  ABA ranking and its trend, How many orders each keyword generated last month, PPC bids, Market analysis, etc.. If you would like to see previous years data just click on the left side over google icon and see how keyword performed. Since 2022 February we can analyze ABA ranking, Search volume, PPC bids and more for this keyword, weekly or monthly.

Meanwhile sellers have access Keepa and Google trends via SellerSprite. You don't need to go to check their website. 

In the next section we are gonna analyze some of your competitors in terms of retractable baby gates. Then find the most similar product with ours and reverse their strategy. Here we are gonna use Reverse Multiple ASIN.

From this chrome extension we can get all keywords for selected ASIN directly. Also see the price strategy of our direct competitors, their launch phase, how they changed pice in launch phase. Whether or not they opened Vine review. After validating they are the most similar with your products we can use some other tools to analyze those competitors further. 

For instance lets analyze their AI Review insight with 1 click. Just run AI review analysis of chrome extension and find out all details about product review. What customers motivation are, pros, cons and more.

Normally traditional review analysis method takes days or weeks. But from here you can explore and find out all details about review in 2 minutes.   

Let's go more dipper and analyze this listing PPC strategy. I know you guys can not believe but we can show you how many PPC campaigns this ASIN has, what kinda match there is like Broad, phrase, exact or auto. Ads insight can do it in a few seconds. This ASIN has 21 Campaigns and 68 Ad groups. You can open all those ad groups and see what search terms were there. 

Sellers can analyze and find out if their competitor ASINs got among top 3 most clicked ASIN or not, then ultimately find how many order they get for specific keywords weekly/monthly. You could acquire this data from Keyword explorer. 

After passing these all process if you are sure these ASINs are your direct competitors you could add them into SellerSprite data base to track further. We can track for you their every metrics, such as how many unites stock they have on amazon warehouse, review velocity, review average, sponsored and organic rank, do they run deals or not. Find product tracker and add their ASIN and then relax, let we follow them and you can see changes when you need. 

Now time to talk about SellerSprite Chrome extension.  Amazon sellers know it well, extension saves a lot of time and efforts. With one click we can get many data sets. We can run SellerSprite extension on amazon search page and see what we could analyze there. As you see from the image below there are more than 100 tools and metrics to analyze market, competitors and keywords. 

Through this tools can have access to web app too. Just you need to click over any tool you wanna use. From this menu sellers can directly do market analysis, competitor lookup, download all bullet points or open all listings on next window.

I think this data is enough to make a decision about product, competitors or keyword. We indicate almost everything about products on amazon, Brand name, Category , Rating, Rating average, Rating velocity, Sales and Revenue. Launch date and more. Furthermore you could use Trend line graph and see how product performed in last years and months. 

Now let's see amazon search page and what kinda extension we can leverage. You see there are bunch of extension tools out there.

From these tools you can analyze product specifications as well, for instance: Launch date, sizes, weight, how many variations, how many keywords they organically ranked and how many sponsored, revenue and sales, review and ratings. 

Lastly our users can utilize chrome extension on product detail pages. Analyze reviews for this product. To check out if this particular ASIN is in another Marketplaces (CA, MX, UK, IT etc..). Direct access to Keepa trend. 

Right side of the image you could see product specifications and also direct access to alibaba&1688 to search this product. From calculator you could analyze P&L easily. Finally you can download all images and videos with one click. 

In summary, SellerSprite is an all-encompassing tool for Amazon sellers, offering a deep dive into market trends, competitor analysis, and product optimization. Its robust database and innovative features like AI Review Analysis and Competing Products Analysis provide sellers with the insights needed for strategic decisions. With capabilities to track historical data, analyze keywords, and assess competitors' strategies, SellerSprite is essential for anyone looking to thrive in the competitive Amazon marketplace, blending data-rich analysis with user-friendly tools for maximum impact. Wish you a happy selling. 

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