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Which station does this station support?

It supports American, Japan, German, England, France, Canada.

The Italy and Spain station will be on gradually, other requirements, please contact our customer service.


What the principle of this tool?

Yesterday sales = yesterday's inventory – today's inventory

Because of various limitations, the daily sale is not accurate sometimes, such as, stock, replenishment or return of goods.


Is this tool accurate?

The following situations were excluded when calculating sales volume, because the limitation of Buy Box:
1.The seller limits the maximum purchase amount for single order.
2.The owner of Buy Box exchanges.
3.The inventory is less than the last time (such as, return goods, replenishment).

4.The type of shipment changes, for example, changing from FBA to FBM.
5.The goods stock in inventory is more than 999.

Why the daily sale data in your platform is different from others?

The tracking principle of other platform is the same as ours, but the data collection time is different.
For example, we collect the inventory data every 17:00 pm, while others are in 9:00 am, the inventory difference within this 24 hours is different.
Do not be entangled with the daily sales number, we promise the whole is accurate, especially the trend of inventory and sales.

Why can’t the product info be loaded?

Please be sure that you add the child ASIN rather than parent ASIN, and select the right station.

Why doesn’t the tool show the sales of this ASIN I added?

The sales updated every 24hours.
The sales tracking principle: Yesterday sales = yesterday's inventory – today's inventory, so it takes two days to see the daily result for new adding product.

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