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Listing Builder streamlines building an Amazon product listing quickly, from gathering and selecting the most effective keywords to sending the final listing to Seller Central to be published. 

While the tool is easy to use, it has many features to help you optimize your listings. This article walks you through the process of both creating a new listing and optimizing an existing listing.

Although you can create a listing without it, generally, you want to have a prepared set of well-researched keywords and keyword phrases, and possibly a shortlist of competitor ASINs from Reverse ASIN tool, which you can copy-and-paste to keyword bank.

Creating a New Listing

On the Builder entry window, click on the orange Create Listing button in the top right corner.

Choose from the available marketplaces using the drop-down menu. The current marketplaces include: 










The first thing you need to do is set up your word bank for the listing.

You can add words by copy-and-paste to your bank from SellerSprite Keyword Mining tool or Reverse ASINs tool, you can enter up to 2000 keyword phases, one word or phrase per line, or separated by commas. The software also helps you find keywords using competitor ASINs, but it’s best to have a list ready.

After entering the keyword phrase, click on the Apply button. The Keyword Bank organizes the keywords words into two sections, one for individual keywords, and one for keyword phrases. Both sections color-code the words by their relevance. Red and orange mean the words are “hot” or highly relevant, while blue, purple and  white represent their diminishing relevance. 

The individual words and keyword phrases are sorted by search volume, purchase rate, competition and other indicators of the phrase.

You can continue to edit the list by clicking on the Edit icon at the top of the section.

You can  see the search volume of each word and phase while clicking on the Search Volume to toggle the function on or off. Also, you can hide keywords as you include them in the listing sections to the right. Click the Hide Used to toggle the function on or off.

On the top right side of the window, the individual sections of an Amazon listing are laid out and ready with empty fields into which you can type your content. Each section includes suggested keywords, suggested character and byte limits, and formatting buttons. As you type the content, the characters and bytes used are tracked so you can see if you are staying within Amazon’s recommended limits.

When a listing is edited or not yet, you can click save as draft at the top of the window for easy modification at any time. You can click on the My List button to see all of your drafts.

Optimizing an Existing Amazon Listing

Choose the right marketplaces using the drop-down menu that the existing Amazon listing belongs to. Fill your ASIN into the blank bar, and click on the Import button. Listing Builder will import the existing written content from Amazon into Listing Builder.

Brand Checker

Click on the icon next to Brand Checker button, a brand list will pup up, you should avoid sensitive words.

(If the brand that you sell has an infringing trademark, the owner of a similar trademark might file a lawsuit. You may be sued and forced to pay damages and give up rights to using the trademark, wasting your effort, time and money.)

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