Reverse ASIN Guide

2019-04-02| Keyword Sprite|views(797)|Comments(0)

With reverse asin tool, you can enter a product child ASIN to quickly get a list of keywords which drive the traffic to your or your competitor listings. These traffic-driving keywords can be used for listing and CPC optimization, or increase your conversion rate by identify your accurate traffic.

Sellersprite’s reverse ASIN tool reaches across all your Amazon marketplaces. Let’s try a child ASIN B074XYLVT3 in US marketplace, remember that, must be the child ASIN, entering the ASIN, selecting the right market and get keywords.

We're gonna to get all the traffic-driving keywords for this ASIN, total 217, they are sorted by how many traffic the keyword bring to the ASIN in descending.

In this result page, we also show you the search volume, weight, listing variations and unique words. Let’s go through them .

Searches is how many times the keywords have been searched for on Amazon last month, And you can get more detailed search information of the keyword by clicking the number.

The weight is how many traffic the keyword bring to the ASIN. the leaf here stands for the weight, with a one to five scale, the more the leaf is, the higher traffic the keyword brings.   

Something needs to be mentioned is that, the keyword’s weight is for the specific ASIN you searched, rather than the whole Amazon market. For example, the keyword -“juicer”, it has a low weight with 1 leaf only, but with a great number of monthly searches, it is a popular keyword on the whole Amazon actually . 

Let’s go ahead with listing variations. It’s time consuming to capture traffic keywords by entering child ASIN one by one, while you can get traffic keywords of each variation by clicking their titles in this section. Let’s view the listing on Amazon, it’s a listing with three variations in different color,

We show you the tittle of each variations here, if you wanna see the green one, you can get search results directly by clicking “Green”.

The last one is unique words, it’s the smallest unit word which is extracted from the keyword results. It’s ideal to optimize listing, especially the search term with unique words based on more than top 10 competitors, since they are the most crucial keywords. 

One more thing, we have extension for this feature. When you are searching on Amazon page, you can get the traffic-pulling keywords directly by clicking the Sellersprite’ icon on the toolbar.

That’s the Sellersprite’ reverse ASIN, all the search results can be exported to excel file, copied to clipboard, and all the column title has explanations that you can view by hovering over the little question marks.