Keyword Research Guide

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Our keyword database is based solely on the accurate Amazon search data, it accurately reflects the market based on the actual Amazon shopper’s behaviour. 

First, you’ll see the marketplace and categorical options, you can indicate which categories you’d like the keyword results to fall into. 

Then, on the right side, you’ll see other optional filters. These filters are the most crucial criteria to define and divide the market, helps you to discover market opportunity.

If you are experienced, you can apply your own product hunting strategy. If you need reference, you are able to run the five predefined filter combinations to get started. Now, let’s go through them.

Presets one:

Rapid-Growth, it discovers the product whose search volume(demand) increased fast over last month. The search volume is 10 thousand at least, the lowest search growth rate is 10%. Let’s try the sports&outdoor category here. For hunting profitable product, we recommend you to focus on the keywords'search trends.

With this filter set, we got over two thousand keyword results sorted by searches descending, and you can sort by any column that you’d like by clicking the column title.

If you want to narrow down it, you can fill more filters, for example, input keyword “flashlight” in the include keywords to find the flashlight-related market.

Presets two:

High-Searches. It discovers the product which has high search volume. Our keyword results is sorted by the search volume in descending, which means the higher search volume the keyword has, the higher they ranks. So, for this preset, you can browse the results in order directly.

Presets Three:

Potential market, It discovers the products whose search volume (demand) is not too much but grows fast. The maximum search volume is 10 thousand, minimum growth rate is 10%, let’s try baby category.

There is a keyword “stove guard”, monthly searches is not too much but was on the rise over the past 7 months, low competition but high potential, which indicates a market with low barrier for entering.

Presets four:

High-Conversion, it discovers the product which has high conversions, the minimum conversion rate is 20%. Let’s try the Sports&Outdoors.

Among all the keywords that met this criteria, keyword “calm magnesium powder” has the highest search volume, you can click in to search this keyword on Amazon, we find that the result for this keyword are mainly a kind of dietary supplement for body relaxing. With the high conversion rate, the product of this kind might have a high opportunity.

Presets five:

It would be great for the top seller to look for the products that has high demand and a good growth rate. Minimum search volume is 100 thousand, the growth rate is 10% at least, try the tools and home improvement category.

The top two most searched-keyword are all about the headlamp, both of them have a tremendous boost in searches over the last two months, and if you click to see their search result on Amazon, you will see their search result are quite similar.

And you can click in to view detailed search trend graph, the monthly searches for this keyword are relative low over the past several months, while increased fast and has a quite high volume since Jan 2019. 

then, let’s show it by year, the searches in early 2019 is much higher than the past two years. 

That’s Sellersprite’s keyword research, you can get started with any of the above 5 built-in presets, or apply your own product hunting strategy. And remember, you don’t need to use all of these filters at once, you can pick the most important to you, and play around all the combinations to discover different market opportunity.

All the column title has explanations that you can view by hovering over the little question marks. And there are three buttons on the toolbar of results, you can click them to copy result to clipboard, download the result to Excel file or to see the unique words