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【TOP】Announcement! SellerSprite becomes officially an Amazon SPN certified service provider
In November 2023, after Amazon’s qualification review, SellerSprite officially joined the Amazon SPN (Amazon Service Provider Network). This also means that SellerSprite has been fully recognized by Amazon in terms of reputation, service capabilities and brand influence.
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5 Reasons Why Amazon Will Likely Continue to Gain e-Commerce Market Share
Amazon holds the top in ecommerce, accumulating more than half of the industry's net sales. It plays a massive role in manifesting the concept of a digital marketplace, which helps ecommerce thrive. It is expected to break records with its continuously growing retail sales and net revenue.
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Experience the magic of SellerSprite and share it with fellow Amazon seller. Refer SellerSprite to Amazon seller groups, and unlock an exclusive 30-day free trial for yourself. Simply share your recommendations on social media, and enjoy amazing rewards.
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