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💡 Profit Calculator- click here to use 

Let's analyze one product. Add product costs and see. 

Item selling price: $89.99

Shipping cost to buyer: 0 ( cause of FBA)

Purchasing Cost :  Price of product in factory, we suppose $25

Shipping Cost to Amazon : send by container and roughly $6

Other Costs : if something unexpected happen we can take $1

Marketing Cost

PPC :  we suppose your TACOS is 7% and we can add here 7%

Note: TACOS is Total Advertising Cost of Selling. So how much money we should spend to sell 1 unite product. Then we subtract that cost, the key point here is that we take them all together. 

Promotional cost : you can add if there is 

After-Sales Cost

Return Rate : average we can suppose 3% return rate 

Select category : Baby 

Referral Fees :  this will be automatically fill in by SellerSprite  $13.5

FBA Fees : this will be automatically fill in by SellerSprite $16.45

Net Profit : $22.17   for 1 unite 

If you wanna calculate revenue and net profit for specific amount of product just add here 

Unite sold : 800 unites then Net profit= $17797.68 

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