Account Deletion Policy

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Account Deletion Policy

Before you apply for deletion of your Seller Sprite account, please read, understand and agree to the Seller Sprite Account deletion Instructions (hereinafter referred to as "deletion Instructions"). 

Special Note] We would like to remind you that deletion of your Seller Wizard account is a non-recoverable operation and you will not be able to use your Seller Wizard account or retrieve any content or information you have viewed, followed, added, or bound (even if you use the same cell phone number to register and use Seller Wizard again). 

We recommend that you back up all information related to your Seller Genius account and make sure that all services related to your Seller Genius account have been properly processed before you cancel. After successful deletion, we will delete your personal information or anonymize it. Please know and understand that the relevant log records will be retained by Seller Sprite for a period of not less than 6 months in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. 

1. We regret that you have decided to cancel your Seller Sprite account. If you still wish to cancel your account, your account must also meet the following conditions.

1.1 The account is in a secure state: The account is in normal use and there is no risk of theft. 

1.2 Account property is cleared and there are no outstanding and/or disputed services: There are no assets, debts, outstanding funds or virtual interests in the account; there are no outstanding and/or disputed services in the account or in third parties accessed through the account. 

1.3 Release of Account Privileges: The Account has been released from authorized login or binding relationships with other products or websites. 

1.4 The account has no disputes, including complaints reported or reported by complaints. 

2. During the period of your account deletion, if your account is involved in a disputed dispute, including but not limited to

2.1 complaints, reports, lawsuits, arbitrations, investigations by state authorities, etc., you know and understand that Seller Sprite has the right to terminate the deletion of this account at its sole discretion without your separate consent. 

3. If you cancel your Seller Sprite account, you will no longer be able to use your Seller Sprite account and will not be able to retrieve any content or information in and related to your Seller Sprite account, including but not limited to.

3.1 personal information and history of this Seller Sprite account (including but not limited to avatar, username, posted content, browsing history, followers, favorites, service information, etc.) will not be recovered. 

3.2 You will not be able to log in and use this Seller Sprite account, and your community followers will not be able to continue to follow you or interact with you through this account. 

3.3 You will not be able to retrieve the records of Seller Sprite or third party services you have used through your Seller Sprite account, authorized login or bound to your Seller Sprite account. You will no longer be able to log in and use the above-mentioned services, and the property benefits such as virtual rights and interests you have acquired will be deemed to be automatically relinquished by you and will not be available for further use. You understand and agree that Seller Sprite cannot assist you in regaining the above services.

4. The deletion of this Seller Sprite account does not exempt or relieve you from the actions and responsibilities associated with the account prior to deletion.

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