What is the difference between online and offline installation of extension?

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The extensions of Seller Sprite are divided into online installation and offline installation. There is no difference in usage between the extensions installed in the two ways, only the installation methods are different.

📌Online installation:

You need to go to web store browser (for example: chrome web store), download the extension to a temporary folder, and install it after downloading. When the extension is installed, the downloaded installation program will be automatically deleted and will not remain on your computer.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Extensions installed online will automatically update the extension version in the future, without manual updates;

Some browsers require a VPN to be turned on web store browser (for example: chrome web store). It is problem especially for Google Chrome Extension. If the network is not very good, there may be long waits or installation failures. Better download it with VPN

📌Offline installation:

There is no need to go web store browser, you can directly download the extension installation package at the address provided by Seller Sprite. The installation will not start until the download of the installation package is completed, and the installation package needs to be kept on your computer and cannot be deleted, otherwise, it will not be possible to use. You need to remove the old version before installing the new version next time.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The installation is quick, there will be no long waiting, and the network requirements are not high;

However, extensions installed offline will not automatically update their versions and will need to be updated manually later.

✅Take the example Google Chrome Extension:

1. Online installation: VPN needs to be turned on, and subsequent new versions will be automatically updated.

Click this link to enter chrome web store and then click the "Add to Chrome" button to install it.

2. Offline installation: no need to vpn, subsequent new versions need to be updated manually

2.1 Download the SellerSprite Chrome extension installation package (zip compressed package): click to download

2.2 Enter: chrome://extensions/ in the browser address bar to directly enter extension management

2.3 Activate "Development Mode" in the upper right corner, and then drag the compressed package you just downloaded directly into the extension page.

Note: This installation package cannot be deleted after installation, and it will not be usable if you delete file; the old version needs to be removed before installing the new version.

Must be upgraded to the latest version of Google Chrome (version number 109 or above)


Q: Can extension installed offline be updated to the latest version in the browser store?

A: No. For offline installation of extension packages, you need to remove the old version of the installation package first, and then manually install the new version again. Automatic updates are not possible.

Q: Why are the extension version numbers for online installation and offline installation in Google Chrome different?

A: Generally speaking, the version number of the extension installed online by Google Chrome ends with an odd number, such as v4.1.7, and the version number of the extension installed offline ends with an even number, such as v4.1.6.

There is no difference in usage between the two, except that the offline installation package needs to be adapted to other browsers, so we have made a slight distinction in the name of the version number internally.

Q: Can I install the Seller Sprite extension on my mobile phone?

A: Sorry, the mobile version does not currently support the installation on mobile.

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