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Field Explanation


Keyword according to its relation to the search terms.

The top 10 products

After checking the box, you can take a quick summary view of the top 10 products based on the search organic results.


A high score indicating how closely related the keyword is to the seed keyword.

ABA Rank

Search Frequency Rank,it is the rank (numeric) of a particular search term based on its popularity for a particular time period.

M. Searches

Monthly Searches, the number of searches for this keyword in a natural month, such as July 2021.


SellerSprite Product Rank, estimated number of units that need to be sold over 8 days, resulting from a search for this keyword in order for the product to rank on top half of page one for this keyword.

Title Density

Number of page 1 products with the searched keyword in their title.

Units Sold

Upper: The number of units sold in a natural month.

Lower: Purchase Rate=Monthly Sales/Monthly Search Volume


The total number of products returned in a customer search using this keyword/phrase.


Demand to Supply Ratio = Search Volume ( Demand ) / Search Results ( Supply )

Sponsored ASINs

The total number of sponsored products displayed in the first 3 pages of search results for the keyword in the past 7 days. 

Click Concentration

Upper: Sum of top 3 ASINs click share from ABA Data

Lower: Sum of top 3 ASINs conversion share from ABA Data


Average bid of “Pay-Per-Click” for this keyword. The system provides suggested bid range.

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