How to quickly determine the relevancy of keywords and products?

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Keyword mining is the tool for mining related keywords through core root. The principle is to first locate the products under this keyword, then mine the keywords related with these products, and sort them from high to low according to relevance.

Relevancy is Seller Sprite original indicator, which represents the proportion of the similar ASIN in the organic ranking of the first page of Amazon search results for this keyword. The higher the correlation, the greater the number of ASINs of the same style related with the keyword and the query.

Correlation is a relative value rather than an absolute value.

For example, keyword A has 300 related ASINs. When we mined keywords B and keyword C through keyword A, keyword B was related with 200 of the 300 ASINs, and keyword C was related with these 300 ASINs. 150 ASINs, then the relevance of keyword B will be higher than that of keyword C.

Taking the keyword "laundry basket" as an example, a total of 7.417 keywords we get. By default, they are arranged in descending order of relevancy. The higher the ranking, the higher the relevance.

The highest relevancy = 100, the lowest = 0.5

The correlation of the keyword laundry hamper is 100, which does not mean that the keyword is exactly the same as the ASIN related with the query keyword laundry basket, but it means that the keyword and the query keyword laundry basket are on the first page of Amazon search results. Originally ranked products have the largest number of related ASINs of the same type.

Through this indicator, we can quickly determine the correlation between keywords and products and filter out important keywords.

For example, set the relevance to >10, the monthly search volume to >1,000, and select important keywords with high traffic as the keyword database for the beginning  stage of Listing.

(The values filled in the filter conditions are for reference only, please fill them in based on your actual situation)


For example, set relevance >50, SPR <40, and select important keywords that can reach the homepage with only a low order volume. As an alternative to rank with PPC.


 when other indicators, such as click concentration and PPC bidding, are similar, give priority to keywords with higher relevancy.

It should be noted that since the relevance is determined based on the overlap of products, sorting by relevancy can only be done under the default query results without any filter conditions.

If other values are entered in the filter conditions, you need to filter based on the keyword data. The query results will be sorted in descending order by the monthly search volume of the keyword by default and cannot be sorted by relevancy.

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