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Which market does this tool support and how often is the data updated?

The market places of US and Japan are updated monthly, others may be partially updated, such as the German market place has the keywords data in September;

The keyword data of the previous month is generally updated on the 3-5th of each month;


Does it contain all categories’ keyword data?

It contains keyword data for all 52 major categories of Amazon, generally Top 25,000-50,000 keywords of each category (maybe some data is not displayed, such as Kindle books, please consult for our customer service);

If the data of some market or category are unavailable, please contact customer service to purchase.


Explanation: Because the high cost of data procurement, it is hardly to contain keyword data for all market;

 In addition, for the regular products, the fluctuation of the data in each month is small. You can refer to its keyword data of recent months, such as the the keyword data of German market in September.

Many products, such as iphone 7 case, have tens of thousands of sales a day. Why its sales amount is only about 1,000?

1. The sales of a product come from different channels. There are keywords search, category navigation, BSR ranking, related product recommendation, CPC advertisement, and Heading advertisement in the market. The sale of keyword research is the sales from the search channel only;

2. The sales from search channel can be divided into two categories, purchase directly after the search, purchase a few days later after adding a product to Wishlist or shopping cart. In general, adding to the cart rate after searching is three times as much as purchase directly, For example, 100 clicks generates 5 purchases (purchase rate = 5%), but the quantity of adding to the cart is 15. (Adding to the cart rate = 15%).

 3. A product may have thousands of traffic keywords, and the keywords you identify may not bring the largest traffic. For example, for mobile phone chargers, sales of keyword “usb wall charger” are much smaller than “iphone charge”.


Is the data credible?

The data is 100% trustworthy because it is calculated by our engineer's special algorithm and it can be verified with the actual sales data of your products;


Why the data on Sellerspirit is different from other software?

1. Maybe the time frame that we extract date is different from other software. Because the high cost of data procurement, some software does not update their data monthly or does not indicate when their data is extracted;

2. Some software may summarize the search volume of keyword under all categories, such as the keyword “Iphone charger”, its search volume is the data under all these categories: All Departments + Cell Phones & Accessories + Industrial and Scientific category;

3. Most of the software is estimated data, such as merchant words (unable to see the search volume under specific category), keyword tools (based on google), while ours is the Amazon real data.

Is it possible to browse all keywords under the category and export the data?

If you have such demand, please contact customer service to purchase more complete data for your multi-dimensional analysis.

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