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Do you still wonder what the right CPC keywords for your ASINs are and still have no ideas on how to find the valuable keywords for listing optimization. Take it easy, our keywords research tool can resolve all these confusions.

Keywords research is a CPC keywords finder 

For example, supposing that you are selling “mobile phone charger” The first step most sellers would take is to create his new listing title by referring to the title of similar products, and it’s no doubt that “Anker” is the major research object. After a careful observation, you will find lots of their titles are started with the phrase “USB Wall Charger”, and you may likely to regard the phrase as the core and precise keywords of mobile phone charger. However, if you spend more time studying Amazon real data, you will find that the search volume for this keyword only has 278958 (July. 2018).

This time, you need a tool like Sellerspirit which can tell you the detailed information of keywords on Amazon. For example, you can enter the keywords “charger” on the search bar and click search button, the result will be shown soon. The search result of “charger” is shown as following picture. You may be surprised to see that the phrase “iphone charger” instead of “USB Wall Charger” occupies the largest search traffic resources, which is 8,773,054(all Department) + 6,889,933(Cell Phones & Accessories). 

Moreover, you can click the link of “iphone charger”, the search volume of the keyword “iphone charger” under different sub-category will been precisely shown: 

If you search the “iphone charger” without selecting the exactly search, the system will recommend you some of the most relevant keywords with high search volume, such as “iphone 7 charger,” “iphone 8 charger”. 


Moreover, based on the natural rankings of your product's core keywords, you can infer its exposure, and then estimate a conversion rate. Thus, your monthly sales can be estimated in advance and you can also make a budget for the later listing promotion. 

As a Listing keyword optimization tool 

The most important elements of the keywords optimization are: Title, Bullet Point, Search Terms, and Description. 

Because of limited space, you need to describe your product with the most accurate, high-traffic, and high-conversion keywords. For instance, the Search Terms has been limited to 250 characters. Thus, choosing the best keyword is an important thing. 

Our keywords research tool can help you select keywords which have high search volume and traffic. 

As a profitable product selection tool/market research tool 

How to find opportunities through massive keywords on Amazon? The keyword ranking is a good assistant! 

First, find products with sufficient market capacity (precise keywords) based on default search volume rankings; 

Then, look at the search volume and sales trend of this keyword in recent months (combining related core words);

After determine the keywords (category), find the actual sales of the popular products under that category in BSR Sales Monthly, such as the “ceiling fan”. 

It’s greater if you make use of the other two tools BSR Sales Weekly and Movers&Shakers to help you with product selection. 

For example, you want to begin your Amazon business in the Home Improvement category. Then, enter the “*” into the keyword search bar, and select Home Improvement, click search: 

First, you can see the search volume of the keyword “ceiling fan” ranks the first in the Home Improvement category, and its monthly search volume is 1,431,298. 
However, please note that it is not that the product (ceiling fan) has the total search volume of 1,431,298. Please see the screenshot below. 

Click on the “ceiliing fan”, and then the search volume for this keyword under various categories appears. The traffic under the All Departments category is large too, which is more than 30% traffic of Home Improvement category. 

Then, search the “ceiling fan”, there are many related words, in fact, all these keywords are the traffic entrance of floor lamp. 

You can go ahead and probably know the approximate sales of the product.

Note: The order generated through natural search is about 30% of the total product order quantity. The order quantity here are the orders that generated by the customers who buy the products through searching and clicking this keyword, it does not include orders generated from advertising. 

Do not forget that “ceiling fan” is also a popular keyword !

Click View More to see more details and attributes of the keyword 

You can view the keyword research trend graph also 

As an operation and promotion tool 

Not only on the Amazon site, keyword also plays an important role in attracting the traffic from other places to Amazon website, such as discount websites, Facebook, Yutube and etc. 

It’s hard to improve the ranking of the most popular keywords because too many sellers are competing on it. To compete on the most unpopular keywords is not an ideal choice either, because few buyers would search the keywords, it may result in little orders. So you can use the precise keywords recommended by sellerspirit. 


Which category is your best choice for your listing? How to balance the order quantity and competition? 

Search a certain keyword first, then select the "precise search", you can see which category the keyword under can generate orders at a glance.

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