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How to buy the best deals?

It’s suggested to subscribe yearly plan, nearly 20% off and do not to renew the plan each month; Sellerspirit has promotions from time to time, remember to see it in your notifications and the banner on login page. 

How to pay?

1. Recharge the money to your sellerspirit’s account, place the plan order and finish the payment with account balance.

2. Place the standard plan order and finish the payment with paypal directly.

Does it support refunds?

Sorry, unsupported.

There are 10 free trials each month for all free members, and the balance in your account can be used for the ASIN report or other service we provide.

Do I need to bind the credit card?

We do not support to bind the credit card, you can subscribe though PayPal. 

If you purchase the monthly plan, you need to re-subsribe though PayPal monthly. We suggest purchase the annual plan directly.

What if the plan out of the limitations?

Subscribe a new standard plan, customized modules based on your requirement or ask our customer service for more free search times.

If the modules out of limitations, you can purchase a new one to increase the search times.

How to get the batch purchase of keyword report?

Please contact our customer service. Many of our users purchase the report regularly each month for data analysis from various factors;

for example, analyze from the price and sales. And you can analyze the data by subscribing our plan to do a online data research also. 

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