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The SellerSprite Product Database contains 20,000,000+ listings, a wealth of information updated daily and growing still. This vast amount of dataset of products is given to sellers to analyze and make correct decisions in order to product selection to competitor tracking, thereby ensuring comprehensive and effective product research. Historical data on metrics such as BSR, sales trends, price, and ratings over the past 5 years are available to users.

Upon accessing the Product Research tool, sellers have access to a variety of customizable parameters.Sellers can select a specific country for their research, such as the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, or India.

Once the research market is selected, sellers can choose for either broad product research in all departments or more focused research within a specific product category.

Beside: Sellers can choose a different time frame to do product research.

After choosing the Country and Product Category(s) on the left side of the page, sellers can then concentrate on the right section, which offers a variety of customizable filters.The filters offer various options for Product Research, to monthly unit sales,  BSR increase, Number of ratings, revenue, Star Rating, BSR Growthand more.

The users have nine presets to choose on the right up corner with green color, When you click any of them automatically software will fill out filtration with the numbers. 

Preset: Being "Rapid-Growth".

Unite Sold - Min:300

Unite Sold Growth - Min:10

You can see those products and product related metrics as below. 

The “#” column, which is to say the pound sign column, simply reveals the rank of the product according to unit sales, by default, for the chosen month of research.

The Product column names and pictures the product relevant to both the search parameters set by the seller above and the datasets contained in the given row. 

The BSR Growth l Growth Rate column bears 3 values related to the shown listing’s BSR. The upper number is representative of the product’s current BSR within its broader sub-market. The 2 numbers below indicate weekly BSR increase and weekly BSR growth. 

Note that subcategory and sub-market are used interchangeably in this overview, with the understanding that each term bears unique nuances which ought to be understood contextually. 

The Price l Q&A column bears 2 unique values with dollar amount representative of the latest listing price and the number below indicating the total number of Q&As held by the product. 

The Gross Margin l FBA Fees column reveals first product-specific gross margin expressed in the form of a percentage, and second the FBA fees set by Amazon as determined by the product’s particular weight and size. 

The Number of Ratings l Ratings Units Sold column shows first the total number of ratings held by the shown ASIN, and second a percentage symbolic of the proportion of monthly consumer ratings to monthly unit sales.

The Latest Rating l Rating Increase column shows the latest consumer rating for the given listing, while the number below reveals the total number of new ratings accrued by the product with the chosen calendar month. 

The Sales Trends column displays an extremely insightful graph which depicts a bare-bones visual representation of unit sales and revenue related to the listing month-to-month over the past year. 

The Units Sold l 30 Days Growth column bears 2 unique values, with the number on top indicating the total units sold within the chosen month and the percentage below representative of the unit sales growth as compared with the previous month.

The Revenue 30 Days Growth column posits first the monthly revenue for a particular listing in a dollar amount, and second a percentage below indicating revenue growth of the provided listing as compared with the previous month.

The Fulfillment column indicates the current Buybox’s chosen method of fulfillment: FBA, FBM, or AMZ. 

Preset: Distribution for Competitive Products

This is for products launched within the past 3 months maintaining striking BSR growth rates and low barriers to market entry as determined by total number of consumer ratings.

Upon selecting this preset, only products launched within the Last 3 Months are shown as seen in the Product Launch Date Filter, and a minimum BSR Growth percentage of 100% fills the BSR Growth Filter. Given the sub-market, these results may reveal new market opportunities for the seller. Some of the data columns have already been filled above, sellers can add into boxes like Min search volume, Revenue, Revenue Growth etc…

Beside Presets, The seller can set up their filtrations by themselves.

For instance I am filling that in as below. 

Unite sold - Min:1000

Price - Min:38.88

Number or Ratings - Min:1000

BSR Growth - Min:100

Growth Margin - Min:50% 

Then we got 3982 products.  You can see product metrics in front , such as: BSR, Price, Q&A, Ratings etc...

Also you can see the product specifications below as well. For instance, Weight, dimensions, category, subcategory etc...

Sellers can calculate profit and loss by clicking the calculator, also add to product tracker by clicking this.


Sellers can utilize different operations by using this header menu.

Such as:

-Compare products

-Export those products

-Export sales

It is also possible to sort these products ascending or descending according to different metrics. 

Sellers can click here and see the historical performance of the product.

Such as: Sales, revenue, Historical trends, Important keyword trends, BSR etc...

So, this is the explanation of "Product Research". Please write in the comment section below if you have any questions.

Happy selling.

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