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What is the role of Reverse ASIN tools?

Reverse ASIN, also known as the GK tool (Golden Keywords). It can extract the core keywords of opponent’s ASIN which could bring traffic to ASIN (the keywords customer search to find ASIN). The core keywords of the opponent's can be used to optimize the title of your own Listing, Bullet Point, product descriptions, etc.


Which markets does Reverse ASIN support and how often is the data updated?

It supports the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, Italy and Spain; Data update once a month; Will it always be free? For unpaid members, there are only 10 free search opportunities each month. If the free times used up, it is recommended that: Use it next month; Purchase our standard plan or a single customized module;

What does “popularity degree” of keywords mean?

It refers to the authority of keywords which bring traffic to ASIN (child ASIN) in recent months, 5 represent the highest authority, 1 is the lowest. It is generally determined by two factors:

1. The absolute popularity of the keyword: such as keyword “iphone charger”, its monthly search volume is 3 million;

2. The relative popularity of the ASIN, for example, when you search “iphone charger”, you find the ASIN in the 8th page;

For this ASIN, Keyword “USB wall charger” ranks on page 1, but its monthly search volume is only about 340,000. Then the authority of this keyword “USB wall charger” may be equal to the keywords “iphone charger” which is on the page 3. Both of their popularity degree is 4;

Why does the keyword list only provide the first 50 keywords?

We believe that in-depth study and optimization of the first 50 keywords can solve 80% of your keyword optimization problems.

Why the traffic keywords of many ASINs can’t be found?

1. Amazon's commodity database is very large, including more than 150 million commodities. It will take our much time to update all ASINs, even if the most popular ASINs.

2. Almost all keywords of some ASINs do not rank in the first 20 pages. We cannot reverse their keywords.

3. The ASIN may be a new product. We have not collect it yet. In this case,

it is recommended that:

(1) Search the keywords in BSR Sales Monthly/Weekly. for example, search the “iphone charger” to find other similar ASINs and use the ASIN code to search their traffic keywords;

(2) Purchasing our ASIN Report. ASIN Report lists the detailed information of keywords, including Click Keyword, Search Keyword, Adding to Cart Keyword, Purchase Keyword, daily sales from search and etc.

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