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What data is the BSR Sales Monthly?

It is monthly sales data of top 20,000 – 100000 child ASIN which has the highest sales under each first category. it’s monthly data, such as May 2018 (1 st-31 st May).


Which market does it support?

It supports US, Japan,EU market; not all months and categories of EU market are available. The data updated monthly. Note: Due to high cost, some unpopular and small category data may be unavailable, If you have requirements about other category or more detailed reports, please contact us.


Why the ASIN with a BSR ranking around 1000 can’t be searched?

1. The BSR Sales Monthly is based on total sales amount rather than the Amazon BSR rank rules.

2. This data contains top 100-500 ASIN under each third category based on their sales amount, so it relates to the competitiveness of the category itself.

3. If you can’t find one certain ASIN in this tool, you can search by category, keywords, brand, or others. Studying a range of top opponent ASIN is more functional in the process of product selection sometimes.


Why there is a difference between the data in Sellerspirit and other platform?

1. The data is not in the same time frame, some platform does not update data for some months or not mark out the time of the data.

2. The data in most of platform is predicted data, so, it can’t totally match.

Why the sales data in Sellerspirit is a little different from the data in your backend data?

1. The sales amount is monthly sales data, such as 1 st May, 2018 – 31 st May, 2018

2. It’s the sales amount of child ASIN instead of all the variants under one parent ASIN, in addition, it is the total sales amount of all sellers (including hijackers) who sell the ASIN.

3. Some orders’ sales are not included in the total sales because judged to be invalid by Amazon.

4. To sum up, the error range keeps within 10%.


Why do some ASIN has the monthly sales data but no historical data?

1. The category the ASIN in was not exported before.

2. The sales of the ASIN was not in the top 100-500 ASIN under each third category before, its sales just get into our list recently.


Why are some categories without any data?

The cost of real data is high, and we can hardly afford it. So we exported almost all popular category and a little unpopular category. If you can not find the data of certain category, you can try to see if the category data is available in historical months.

Why are the number of reviews, prices and images of ASIN different from those you see in Sellersprite?

It may be that the ASIN information is not updated in time. Our system has millions of ASIN data, It cost too high to update daily, but we are promoting our update speed and update more frequently.

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