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Top Sales Monthly shows the real sales data of top selling ASIN ranked by sales volume under each Amazon subcategory, it’s a very useful tool for analysing the market capitalization and competitors' listing, helping sellers to discover profitable niches and to create the correct marketing strategy.

How to use it?

1. Browse according to Node Nav(category list)

It’s mainly to see and know the sales data and parameters of the top selling ASINs ranked by sales volume, in order to judge the market capacity and analyze the target category or product.



Select “market” – select “Node Nav” – click “search” The ASINs are ranked by their actual total sales volume.



The unit of time span is month, such as, the sales of May 2018 is from 1st May to 31st May; If one ASIN with variants, the sales volume is of the variant. If one ASIN with hijackers, the sales volume is the sum of all the sellers. The sales data includes the returns and shipping fee, but excludes the sales of invalid orders judged by Amazon.

2. Search the sales data of target ASIN

This tool is mainly used to investigate and analyze opponent ASIN.



Select “market” – input the ASIN code in 【ASIN search box】, such as B0194WDVHI – click “search”, then you can see the detailed parameters of the ASIN.

3. Search one certain type products

Mainly used for investigating opponent products or the market capacity of one certain type product.



Select market – input the keyword in 【keyword search box】, such as “floor lamp” – click “search”;

The page will show all the ASIN recorded in our system whose title includes the keyword “floor lamp” , and you can skip to see the ASINs’ sales which are under the category by clicking the name of category and subcategory.

The page will turn to top ASIN list under “Lighting&Ceiling Fans”after clicking the category browse node: “ Lighting&Ceiling Fans” .

4. Multiple search criteria to find the eligible ASIN quickly and accurately

Multiple search criteria include keyword, ASIN, brand, seller name and review rating.



Select market – input the criteria in multiple search boxes – click “search”

5. Investigate the market trends and historical sales

Besides the current information, the historical data of opponent ASIN is also important when investigating.



Click “view historical trends” under the “Action” column Here, we’d like to introduce the parameters of the search result:

click the trend Icon, it shows the trend data of the Asin

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