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Top Sales Weekly is a tool for deeper market study in subcategories.

This tool contains the sales data of top 50-350 ASIN under each third category.

We update data each Wednesday, support nearly all Amazon market places, including American, Japan, Europe, Canada.

How to use it?

1. Browse according to Node Nav(category list) 

It’s mainly to see and know the sales data and parameters of the top ASINs which ranked by sales volume, in order to judge the market capacity and analyze the target category or product.



Select “market” – select “Node Nav” – click “search”

The ASINs are ranked by their actual total sales volume.

2. Search the sales data of target ASIN

This tool is mainly used to investigate and analyze opponent ASIN.


Select “market” – input the ASIN code in 【ASIN search box】, such as B06XRT2B3P – click “search”, then you can see the detailed parameters of specific ASIN.

3. Search by keyword

To know a category market quickly when uncertain with he category.


Click 【search box】- input the keyword, such as “ usb wall charger”, and click “search”

4. Click the category node to see the ASINs’ sales which are under the category. 

For example, click “Home Security Systems” and you can skip to see the ASIN under this category; and if you click “Fan shop”, you can skip to see the ASIN under “Fan shop” category.


This is the page after clicking the category node “ Fan shop”:

5. View the historical sales trends

Click the icon( view historical trends) to see the historical weekly sales of ASIN, it will show the weely sales of this Asin

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