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We could compare all metrics of different ASINs.

What we need, Firstly, you need to grab your ASIN and then come to SellerSprite Traffic Comparison. Paste that ASIN here and then click "search".

Here we see our ASIN and ASIN related metrics such as Click Share, Weekly Searches, Organic Rank, SP Rank, Conversion, Distribution. We see Click Share here. 

Sellers can see Weekly Searches here.

Now let's compare our ASIN with several ASINs of competitors.

Go to Amazon, find your most relevant competitors and take their ASINs then come back to SellerSprite Traffic Comparison, put those ASINs and click "search".

We got 1660 search terms. There are 2 kinds of data sets. 

1.Keyword related data sets.   

2.ASIN related data sets.

For keyword related metrics, we can see horizontally “Competitive ASINs, ABA Rank, Monthly Searches, Monthly Purchase, DSR” etc..

For ASIN related metrics, sellers can analyze Click share, Organic and Sponsored Rank, Conversion, Distribution. 

If the sellers want to check historical trends of any keyword, just click here and then you are gonna see keyword trends.

From here, the sellers can analyze “Keyword Search Volume Trend, Google Trends, Click Concentration, PPC Bid, and Market Analysis”.

When you bring your mouse over the keyword then you can see 10 most clicked products.

On this page you could see “Weekly click share comparison” of our ASIN with 3 different ASINs.

Now let’s use the “Filtration function” by clicking here.

We could sort these search terms for different metrics.

I am putting 1000 Min to Monthly Searches, and Purchase Rate Min 6%.

Then we narrow down by 468 keywords.

Below we see Click share comparison of 3 ASINs. Our Click share is over 61% for “Bamboo pillow”, next 3 ASINs got 3.4%, 1.6%, 6.93% weekly click share respectively. 

Now check out “Weekly search imression” comparison.


Our impression (B07M6SDDNY) is 11,225.

B0176SPRZQ got 11,625  impressions from “bamboo pillow” last week. 

B07TMKXZQT got 11,514 impressions from “bamboo pillow” last week. 

B07DP3RYQH got 11,425 impressions from “bamboo pillow” last week. 

Now check out “Organic Rank" comparsion.

You can see each product's Organic and Sponsored position for a given keyword. Also which page they are. 

For example: We checked B07M6SDDNY position. It was 45th position overall or It is on 1st page 45th position among 64 products for “Bamboo pillow”.B0176SPRZQ is 27th position, or 1st page- 27th position.

Here we see when we checked product position:“shredded memory foam pillows”

B07M6SDDNY- we checked 06/20(June 20)

B0176SPRZQ- we checked 06/14(June 14)

B07TMKXZQT- we checked 2 days ago 10:16

B07DP3RYQH- we checked 2 days ago 10:16

If you would like to see Historical position of any ASINs just click here. 

Then the picture below indicates each ASINs position specific keyword for different time frame. Likewise we can see the Sponsored positions.

Now check out “Weekly Searches imression” comparison.

As we see below ASINs have ranked for “Bamboo pillow” Organically and Sponsored.

For “shredded memory foam pillows” keyword B07M6SDDNY has ranked organically but it doesn’t have SP rank. B0176SPRZQ has ranked Organic and SP. Likewise you can see other ASINs too. 

This is the basic view of “Traffic Comparison”. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below. 

Thank you.

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