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💡 FBA Calculator - click here

You could analyze amazon cost by adding sizes and weight of product. As well as Referal fee. 

The following is an example of the U.S. M§on to explain the instructions:

1. open the SellerSprite profit calculator , select the corresponding site country, commodity category, open the calculator icon behind the [FBA freight].

2. Click FBA fees to open for calculating your FBA fees as below on screenshoot 

Add the length, width and height as well as the weight (pay attention to the selection of the correct unit of measurement with inch and pound).

*Note: The weight of the product here refers to the total weight of the product including packaging when it is sent to the Amazon FBA warehouse.

Let's analyze see one product. Based on added numbers our FBA Fee is $14,31

3、Click 【Apply Result】, you can apply the FBA fee to the profit calculator, fill in other costs, you can get the gross profit.

How to use FBA Profit Calculator, please click to know

4.Products in European Marketplaces need to choose the corresponding distribution network before using FBA Fee Calculator:

As you see above I selected Germany and then 3 options pop up.  Local, Pan-EU, EFN.

So sellers need to analyze beforehand which one of them would be profitable. There would be slightly different price for them. But operation will be totally different if you chose Local versus Pan-Eu

European Fulfillment Network -EFN

If a seller has an Amazon Eu account and is registered with Amazon Logistics, the European Fulfillment Network (EFN) supports sellers to store their inventory in a local operations center and use the inventory in the same local warehouse to deliver orders from other marketplaces in EU, maximizing sellers' control over their inventory and inventory flexibility.

Pan-Eu and their advantage & disadvantage 

1. Efficiency in Inventory Management: By participating in the Pan EU program, sellers send their inventory to one Amazon warehouse, and Amazon then distributes these products across its network of fulfillment centers in Europe.

2. Cost-Effective Shipping and Storage: Sellers can benefit from reduced shipping costs since they only have to send their inventory to one location. Additionally, Amazon optimizes storage across various locations, which can reduce storage costs.

3. Improved Delivery Times: With inventory spread across multiple countries, products are closer to customers, leading to faster delivery times, which can improve customer satisfaction.

4. Access to Multiple Markets: The program provides access to all Amazon European marketplaces (like Amazon UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain) without the need for separate stock in each country.

5. VAT Compliance: Sellers must be VAT registered in each country where their goods are stored. Amazon’s Pan EU program involves moving inventory across different countries, so sellers need to comply with VAT obligations in each of these countries.

6. Automated Logistics: Amazon takes care of the logistics of moving inventory between different countries, which simplifies the supply chain management for sellers.

7. Increased Visibility and Sales Opportunities: Being a part of the Pan EU program can increase product visibility across multiple Amazon European marketplaces, potentially leading to increased sales.


Here sellers would like to sell specifically in one marketplace, for example in Italy, Then send product there and sell only amazon.it. This would be good option  and cost effective. 

For the exact costs of the above three logistics methods, please click to find out

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