How to rank 1st page quickly for a given keyword?

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SPR, the abbreviation of SellerSprite Product Rank, represents the 8-day estimated order volume that can keep the ranking of the corresponding keyword on the first page of the search results. With this indicator, we can know the target order volume required for each keyword to reach the homepage, so as to plan the keyword promotion strategy. 

Take the keyword iphone stand as an example. Its SPR value is 246, which means that the product (including all variants) needs to place 246 orders using the  iphone stand within 8 days in order to maintain its keyword ranking at No-1 in the search results.  

For small and medium-sized sellers, they can first promote long-tail keywords. Although the search volume is small, the conversion rate is relatively high and the cost is relatively low.

After ranking these keywords, it is very helpful to rank general keywords too or keywords with high volume which has core root. And then it will be relatively easy to slowly capture the main keywords with greater traffic.

For example, I would pay more effort and attention to  iphone stand for desk. Its SPR is 68, and the PPC bidding is lower. After ranking for this keyword, our product will automatically be ranked to iphone stand then we will need a little support to come enter among 8 products first page of amazon.

When the rankings of this batch of long-tail keywords rise, the main keywords can gradually move closer to the core keywords. At this time, Listing has begun to have order conversions through long-tail keywords, and the weight of Listing has increased. It will be relatively easy to target core keywords with broad keywords, and the cost will be much less than targeting big keywords directly.

For example, the previous cell phone stand for desk, desk phone holder stand for office

It can be expanded to iphone stand for desk, phone holder stand for office, and then gradually expanded to iphone stand,  iphone holder.

Of course, the core elements of the homepage for keywords are still the product and listing itself, product pictures, ratings and reviews, video display, etc. These are the basis for the final conversion, so you must do these basic preparations well when ranking keywords  

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