SellerSprite Chrome Extension Tips - Keyword Mining

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Search Trends: The monthly search trend for this keyword over the last 2-3 years. Hover over to view the monthly search volume.

Searches/M: The number of searches for this keyword on Amazon in a natural month; Searches refers to the data in the last month, and the current month's search volume is updated at the beginning of next month.

Click the Number to see search trends for the keyword over the last three years.

Purchase/M: The number of units sold in a natural month, such as July 2019, after searching this keyword on Amazon.

CVR: Purchase Rate=Monthly Sales/Monthly Search Volume.

The more accurate the product, the shorter the purchase decision period, and the more the loyal buyers (such as searching brand), the higher the purchase rate.

Click Concentration: Click Concentration = the top three ASINs clicks / total clicks * 100%

Generally speaking, the higher the click concentration, the higher the keyword monopoly.

Market Analysis: The product's average price/ratings/rating for the first 3 pages of search results after searching for this keyword on Amazon(natural search results).

Click the number to see the distribution of the product's price/ratings/rating.

PPC Bid: The Bid of PPC on Amazon, and the system provides the recommended bid and range of [Phrase Matching]. 

When advertising on Amazon, you can give preference to keywords with low competition and high demand, that is, keywords with low bids and high search volume.

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