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Latest Extension Versions: v4.4.0/v4.4.1

*Note: The versions installed online for Google and Edge browsers are v4.4.1, while the offline installations and versions for other browsers are v4.4.0. The distinction in names is merely for adaptation to different browsers, with no difference in usage.

😍 New Features, Increased Membership Benefits without Additional Charges

Variation Sales Trends

📌 Extension End 【Quick Preview/Product Search】Added variation sales and trends, sourced from Amazon's official data, bidding farewell to manual estimations. Click on the corresponding numbers to view sales trends:

💻 Web End Also Renew the Data: 【Competitor Lookup】,【Product Research】 , 【My Product List】, 【Related Products】

Mexico/Brazil/Australia Sites Data

Data of three major sites are added to both the extension and web ends, supporting viewing keyword data (Mexico site also supports sales data), enabling multi-site sellers to operate efficiently.

😀 Existing features now smoother to use

This new version also strives to provide a better user experience for you!

📌 Extension End × 💻 Web End

1. Added "Export Sales" button in 【My Product List】, supporting bulk export of historical sales data for selected products in the last three years, with a maximum of 100 ASINs exported at once.

2. After moving products in 【My Product List】, previously listed products will be deleted. For instance, if you move a product from Product List A to B, it will be removed from A.

3. Sales data exports are consistent between the web and extension ends, facilitating merging tables when switching between web and plugin usage.

📌 Extension End

1. 【Keyword Mining】: Supports exporting top 10 ASINs and top 3 product images to see which ASINs are competing for traffic.

💻 Web End

1. 【My Product List】now supports monthly viewing; click on a month and search to display data for products corresponding to that month.

2. 【My Keyword List】supports exporting detailed data for selected keywords in the last three years, with a maximum of 50 keywords exported at once.

3. When adding to 【My Product List】or 【My Keyword List】, scrolling to check exceeded area, and the page has been widdened for easier operation.

4. 【Competitor Lookup】 now supports batch querying of 1000 ASINs, with 100% results displayed. If a product is not included in the system, only basic information is displayed.

🤗 Thanks to all the heroes who spotted bugs on the road

The following bugs have been fixed:

📌 Extension End

1. Amazon redesign: Fixed inventory monitoring.

2. Comment download: Agreement numbers now match actual numbers.

💻 Web End

1. Germany Site - Category: Translation errors.

2. Keyword Mining Search Trends - Annual Display: Selecting "By Week" resulted in continuous loading without results.

3. Missing sales data for Japan Station

4. US Station - Competitor Lookup: Inconsistent export results when querying "compost tumbler".

5. US Station: Inconsistent PPC prices for keyword reverse lookup and keyword mining for the same keyword.

6. Keyword Monitoring: Unable to monitor single-character keywords for Japan Station.

7. Batch search for competitor lookup: Only able to export over 700 data entries, unable to export all.

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