SellerSprite Extension: Common Display Problems and Solutions

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1. Price display abnormally

When the price display misplaced, try the following 3 ways:

1) Set the language as the language the marketplace use.

For example, select English in, select Japanese in


2) Set the email/address to the email/address of the marketplace.

For example, select the American email/address in, select the Japanese email/address in


3) If the two ways do not work, please clear the cache, and right-click the blank area in the page, choose 【SellerSprite】-【clear cache】, and refresh the page.


2. Data doesn’t display

Your version of the extension is old, click upgrade in the bottom right corner to download the late version.

If it doesn’t work, upgrade the browser as well.

3. The Web APP display abnormally

1) Your version of the browser is old, please download the late version.

2) More than one similar extension is working. Please stop other extensions or use the SellerSprite in another browser.

4. Product Quick View shows ****

If the Product Quick View shows up ****

Please check if you log in to your extension account.


5. Extension shows nothing

Please check if you authorized the SellerSprite extension.

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