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Field Explanation


Keywords that bring this ASIN to the top 3 pages of Amazon search results in the last 30 days.

The top 10 products

After checking the box, you can take a quick summary view of the top 10 products based on the search organic results.

Click Share

The percentage of clicks that the product received in comparison to the total clicks based on the search results.

ABA Rank/W

Search Frequency Rank,it is the rank (numeric) of a particular search term based on its popularity for a week.

M. Searches

Monthly Searches, the number of searches for this keyword in a natural month, such as July 2021.


SellerSprite Product Rank, estimated number of units that need to be sold over 8 days, resulting from a search for this keyword in order for the product to rank on top half of page one for this keyword.

Title Density

Number of page 1 products with the searched keyword in their title.

Units Sold

Upper: The number of units sold in a natural month.

Lower: Purchase Rate=Monthly Sales/Monthly Search Volume


The total number of products returned in a customer search using this keyword/phrase.


Demand to Supply Ratio = Search Volume ( Demand ) / Search Results ( Supply )

Sponsored ASINs

The total number of advertised products displayed in the first 3 pages of search results for the keyword in the past 7 days. 

Click Concentration

Upper: Sum of top 3 ASINs click share from ABA Data

Lower: Sum of top 3 ASINs conversion share from ABA Data


Average bid of “Pay-Per-Click” for this keyword. The system provides suggested bid range.

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