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With the SellerSprite Browser Extension, gain insights into a product's profits, FBA fees, review data, inventory, and more, all while browsing on Amazon. This is the most used Chrome extension for Amazon sellers in the world. The extension is currently running on 500,000+ computers.

All of the tools in the SellerSprite Browser Extension are available to use on Amazon product pages. When you click on the SellerSprite Browser Extension icon, you will notice all of the tools are available and none are grayed out like they were on the search results page.

On the Product detail page, the data chart as shown below will be displayed, which is expanded by default.

If you click [Fold] in the upper right corner of this chart, it will collapse, and next time you open the keyword search page it will remember your last setting.

Part 1

The top-level data displays a summary overview to gain insights into a product, such as LQS, BSR, Launch date etc…

You can add it to your Bookmark or My list for further analysis.

Part 2

This part displays many widgets of SellerSprite browser extension. These widgets introduce or link to additional data, so users can begin to evaluate the strength of any given listing on the Amazon marketplace instantly.


This widget shows detailed information about all variations of this product, such as SKU, Price, Monthly and Weekly Sales, Number of Ratings, Star Rating, Reviews, FBA fee, launch time, etc.

For monthly sales data, we have 2 calculations:

  •  If Amazon has published the sales of the product, we will directly use the sales data published by Amazon;
  •  Amazon does not publish sales data of the product. If the product's parent and child ASIN share the BSR rank, then it will estimate its sales through the BSR rank of the parent ASIN.

Keepa Trends

This widget is integrated with keepa. As keppa alternative, it is free for all users.

This widget is revealed to the seller in the form of BSR data which stretches back several years, reaching unto the original publication of the listing. Aside from historical sales trend data, there lies even more historical data regarding BSR (in different category), Price, Rating, and Ratings Rate depicted in interactive graphical format.

You can pull the scroll bar below to change the date range on the chart.

AI Review Analysis

There are 2 buttons in this widget. 

Click the green button [Generate AI Analysis Report]. You can get the report including Customer Profile, Usage Scenario, Customer Expectation, Product Pros and Cons, Purchase Motivations. 

As shown in the figure below.

While if you click the orange button [ Generate SellerSprite Analysis Report ], you can get the review report as the sample report.  

Learn more about SellerSprite Review Analysis>>


This widget shows you which Amazon marketplaces sell this product, along with detailed information about it, including the seller's name, price, sales, etc.

The price and sales are shown in the currency unit of the corresponding marketplace.

Keyword Explorer

The data of Keyword Explorer feature is from Amazon's Brand Analytics (ABA) in Amazon Seller Central. Amazon's Brand Analytics tool provides insight into your product's performance, customer search behavior, and your competitors.

This widget shows you the top 4 keywords that brought monthly clicks, as well as an option to view all results.

NOTE:Difference between Keyword Explorer and Reverse ASIN

Keyword Explorer shows you the keywords that bring clicks to the ASIN, and the keywords will be included only when the ASIN is ranked in the top 3 clicks.

Reverse ASIN is used to search for the keywords that bring the impressions to the ASIN.

Keyword Distribution

This widget gives you a distribution of all search terms for each variant, including organic search terms, PPC keywords and Amazon recommended keywords, as well as the number of keywords for each keyword type.

Here we see that: B09S3XYR8G has ranked for 1,115 keywords, 862 of those are organic, there are not ER(editorial recommendation), 35 keywords for HR(high rated), 8 keywords for AC(amazon choice), 3 keywords for 4+ keywords (4 star and above), 266 keywords for SP(sponsored product), 152 keywords for SP brand. There are not keywords for SP video. 

You can click to view all results to get all variants' keyword distribution.

Part 3

This part is shown on the right side of the product image. This widget includes detailed information about this product, such as Brand, Buy Box owner, fulfillment method, Best Seller Rank (BSR), Sales Graph, revenue, Gross Margin, launch time, and how many sellers are selling it on Amazon.

Also, you can get keywords and related products which bring traffic to this product.

There are many download buttons at the bottom of the part, all of them are free for users.

From here we can use tools such as “Reverse asin, ads insight and product details

Under that we are going to see “Brand checker”. By clicking we can get brief view of which keywords might be brand name of other sellers. 

Next is “Download reviews, Download Q&A, and FBA calculator” with them we can analyze our competitors' reviews, questions and answers.

Right under we can utilize “Download image, videos and we can select any image we wanna download”.

Part 4

Turn on [Stock Stats]  on the right of product page, that allows you to view the inventory levels of a product from all Amazon sellers right on the product page. This is very powerful tool from our software, we track inventory units daily and write product tracker, ultimately sellers can see how many units their competitors get daily. 

So these all are about SellerSprite chrome extension for product detail page. Please let us know if you have any questions in the comment section.

Thank you.

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