3 Tips for Optimizing Amazon Products ADs Title!


Most sellers optimize product titles to increase natural search traffic. For products to appear in natural search results, product titles need to be filled with two to three relevant keywords.
More and more sellers are using paid ads, so they need to know how to optimize product titles and increase traffic to paid ads. We will introduce the product title optimization strategy that combines paid and natural traffic.

The problem of Amazon product title optimization
Most sellers will optimize titles for natural search, but when advertising, they directly use the original listing instead of optimizing titles for PPC ads.
Why optimize PPC AD titles?
   · Ads have less room for titles
   · Your product is displayed on the page of related products(it may not be the same type of product, so it needs to be explained)
   · Since ads have less title room, you need to optimize the order of keywords
   · The title of the ad is best to attract consumers to click

So how to optimize the title of PPC ads without sacrificing search traffic?
You can fill the title with keywords, but don’t overdo it. Don't paste all keywords into the title. In addition to the title, Bullet Point and Search Term can be filled in with relevant keywords. Fill in the top two keywords with high search volume in the product title.

Here are some basics of Amazon product title optimization. The title should include the following:
   · Brand
   · Product Series
   · Materials or key functions
   · Product type
   · Colour
   · Size
   · Package/Quantity

Amazon also provides suggestions for title optimization, such as:
   · Always capitalize the first letter of each word, but not every letter
   · Confirm measurements such as ounces or pounds
   · Numbers are displayed as numbers
   · Do not use “&” unless it is a brand name
   · Do not include promotional information in the title, such as best selling

To increase the click-through rate of PPC ads, you need to find what differentiates your product from your competitors and then incorporate it into your product title.
Before optimizing the PPC ad title, it should be noted that although the Listing product title can be up to 120 characters, only about 65 characters will be displayed in product sponsored ads.

AD title optimization proposal
Here are 3 examples:
1. Use synonyms

It is a copper vase with the product title that includes “vase”, “planter”, and “pot”, which are synonymous and are all short, arranged in a way that is easy to read.
So if your product title has multiple synonyms, you can use the following template:
Descriptive adjectives + 2-3 synonyms + unique selling points + other adjectives

2. Take advantage of product selling points

The above product title includes a descriptive adjective of “coated outdoor furniture”, pointing out the selling point, size, and color at the same time.
If the product has a unique selling point, you can use the following template:
Unique product selling point + keywords + size + color

3. Show multiple uses

If the product has multiple uses, such as the folding table above for picnics, you can use the following template:
Brand name + keywords + multiple uses + description, brand adjectives

In addition, the image is also an important factor to improve the click-through rate of ads. Most well-performing ads use the following two types of images:
   · Products on a pure white background
   · Product usage scenarios

If you are not sure which type to use, then choose a pure white background, which makes it easier for consumers to view the product.
However, some products may confuse consumers if they are not placed in the scene. For example, the flowerpot in the picture below needs to show the usage scenario of the product:

If there is no outdoor environment, no soil and plants, this white flowerpot will be very monotonous, then easy to affect the click rate. Some people may even mistake it as an office file box or a toy box.

All in all, optimizing the title for PPC ads requires attractive text, unique selling points, and keyword arrangement. Don't fill in keywords randomly, it will give buyers a bad experience.

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