Amazon Search Terms Report & ABA Report from SellerSprite, Comprehensive Insight for Sellers


Amazon Search Terms Report or ABA Report, Comprehensive Insight for Sellers


Amazon's marketplace is a bustling hub where sellers strive to stand out. Understanding how customers search and find products is important. This is where Amazon Search Terms Report and SellerSprite's Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) tool come into play. Together, they offer a wealth of insights for optimizing product listings and advertising campaigns.

Amazon Search Terms Report: An Overview

What is It?

The Amazon Search Terms Report is a Brand Analytics tool that provides insights into customer searches. It includes information on the top three ASINs that receive the most clicks for specific search terms, click and conversion shares, and search frequency rank (SFR).

Who Can Use It?

Any seller enrolled in Amazon's Brand Registry program can use this report. If you don’t have that is all right , You can use SellerSprite ABA search term report fully.

What Information Does It Contain?

The report is organized into fifteen columns, categorized under three sections:

  • Target department or marketplace
  • Search terms and analytics
  • Popular ASINs and their click and conversion data
It also includes trends and information on products that have dropped out of top positions.

SellerSprite's ABA Search Term Reports: A Powerful Companion Tool

SellerSprite offers an Amazon Brand Analytics (ABA) tool that complements Amazon's own Search Terms Report. We take those datasets from amazon directly so that is the most trustworthy data.

Key Features:

By using SellerSprite ABA search term report sellers can acquire:

  • Marketplace Selection: Choose different marketplaces to search, like the US.

  • Time-Based Analysis: Analyze weekly or monthly data sets, with options to select previous periods.

  • Category and Filtration Selection: Select categories and filter as needed.

  • Keyword or ASIN Analysis: Analyze specific keywords or ASINs, such as "Bamboo pillow," with metrics like weekly search volume, SFR, and more.

  • Related Products View: See the ten most related products for a keyword.

  • Keyword Comparison: Compare selected keywords for deeper insights.

  • Custom Sorting and Filtering: Sort and filter keywords based on different metrics.

  • ASIN Specific Analysis: View search terms and related metrics for a particular ASIN.

  • Keyword Research by Filtration: Filter and analyze a large number of keywords to find new product ideas.

Easing the Sellers' Job:

SellerSprite's ABA tool goes beyond the information found in Amazon's standard report. Here's how it eases the job for sellers:

  • Enhanced Flexibility: Whether searching for a specific keyword, viewing trends, or comparing ASINs, this tool offers unparalleled customization and detail.

  • Data-Driven Insights: From weekly searches and rank history to PPC bids and Google trends, the wealth of data helps sellers make informed decisions.

  • Comprehensive Keyword Analysis: With options to analyze, compare, sort, and filter keywords, sellers can discover golden product opportunities and optimize their listings effectively.


Both Amazon's Search Terms Report and SellerSprite's ABA tool offer valuable insights for Amazon sellers. While Amazon provides a foundation, SellerSprite's tool adds a layer of flexibility and depth that can make a significant difference in a seller's strategy. Furthermore SellerSprite indicates PPC bids, Keyword conversion rate, Rank history, Google trend, Search volume and more…

Amazon's report is free for registered brand owners and offers a bird's eye view of the marketplace. SellerSprite's ABA tool gives insight of all amazon dataset and allows for more targeted, detailed analysis, offering insights that can truly give a competitive edge.

Together, these tools are a treasure trove for sellers looking to understand consumer trends, find new products, and optimize their Amazon store effectively. The combination of these resources offers a robust, reliable, and rich source of data that can pave the way for success in the highly competitive Amazon marketplace.

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