Worried about being replaced by AI? Let's see how ChatGPT can help Amazon sellers


Since the beginning of the year, ChatGPT has gained popularity in e-commerce, and the customer service representatives of Seller Sprite have received a lot of attention from users and friends. While other software like ecommerce AI tools have already caught up, what have you been doing? Well... truth be told, we haven't been slacking off; we've been preparing something big!

So, what's this big thing we've been working on? Let's tease you a bit before revealing it and first talk about what ChatGPT is and its value and capabilities. After all, only by understanding its underlying logic can we make better use of ChatGPT for Amazon sellers.

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT (short for Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a chatbot program developed by OpenAI, released on November 30, 2022. ChatGPT is an AI-driven natural language processing tool that can engage in conversations by understanding and learning human language. It can interact based on the context of the conversation, truly resembling human-like chat and communication. It can even perform tasks like writing emails, video scripts, copywriting, translations, coding, and writing papers.

ChatGPT is essentially an AI-powered chatbot that requires extensive model training to be used accurately. For example, it can imitate the style of Mark Twain

because it has been "fed" a large amount of Mark Twain's writings.

If we compare the model to a parrot, initially it would be a "mute parrot." After being fed a massive amount of internet text, it gradually becomes a "knowledgeable parrot with a huge memory capacity." Through deliberate supervision and continuous feeding of "high-quality dialogue examples," it becomes a "well-behaved and knowledgeable parrot." Finally, with creative guidance and continuous adjustment of the model based on the "quality rating of its generated answers by humans," it becomes a "knowledgeable parrot that follows the rules and knows how to explore."

The training data for ChatGPT 4.0 (the latest version of the GPT series models) comes from a vast amount of language data on the internet, including news, Wikipedia, social media, etc. The estimated data volume for ChatGPT is nearly 100 quadrillion. Of course, if you want ChatGPT to assist you, it's best to skip the data and information-gathering phase and directly "feed" it with the content you have and request assistance based on that.

Here comes the big reveal!

SellerSprite has partnered with Shulex to launch the AI-powered review analysis feature with ChatGPT integration. It is available in version 4.0 of the SellerSprite plugin, and SellerSprite's paid users can use it directly after installing the plugin.


Why choose Shulex?

Shulex's self-developed model is currently unparalleled in the industry. Over the past two years, Shulex has been dedicated to intelligent consumer insights, collaborating with over a hundred clients to develop and refine its self-developed algorithm. Combined with ChatGPT's powerful capabilities, it provides industry partners with the most in-depth, accurate, and scientific consumer insight model.

Through amazon reviews sentiment analysis, it extracts information across six dimensions: consumer profiles, product strengths and weaknesses, usage scenarios, consumer expectations, and real purchasing motivations. This information can be translated into actionable business decisions.

By teaming up with Shulex, our goal is to eliminate the need for Amazon sellers to train AI models themselves or pay additional AI fees, thereby minimizing sellers' labor costs. We will gather information and "feed" the data together.

How does ChatGPT empower Amazon sellers?

Let's take the review analysis feature of SellerSprite as an example. Previously, we collected a large number of reviews for listings and visualized them in different modules. In other words, we mainly collected and analyzed data.

So how does ChatGPT empower us now?

1. More scientific modeling and accurate results

For Amazon review analysis, it is crucial to establish a scientific user experience label tree. ChatGPT can help us more accurately train models automatically using thousands of reviews, and even help identify overlooked or potential labels. This ensures accurate data analysis and automated conclusions.

2. Faster processing and more user-friendly analysis

Compared to GPT-3, ChatGPT 4.0 has stronger language understanding capabilities. It can comprehend more complex and implicit language expressions, such as slang and metaphors.

Its advantage in data processing is also evident: it can handle texts exceeding 25,000 words and has enhanced image analysis capabilities. This opens up more possibilities and expectations for image displays in listings and capturing images in the comment section.

3. Localization of language

ChatGPT can directly output review analysis results in Chinese, more accurately than Google Translate. This enables better interpretation of consumer sentiment and is more friendly for sellers in countries with minority languages.

4. Automated analysis report generation

When a product enters the regular sales phase, it needs periodic monitoring of Amazon reviews to obtain consumer feedback for product iteration. Similarly, when facing business problems such as increased returns, decreased conversion rates, or reduced star ratings, the reasons can also be found in consumer feedback. With the support of ChatGPT, you can generate review analysis reports with just one click instead of monitoring manually.

AI-powered review analysis applications

1. Consumer profiling and usage scenario analysis to support product development

Quickly identify the frequent usage scenarios of a product and target the core user group. It can also capture unexpected scenarios, uncovering more market opportunities.



2. Analysis of unmet consumer needs and product review analysis to support product innovation and upgrades

Search for consumer "hope, want, need..." in the analysis, and capture the most mentioned product strengths and weaknesses. Through these authentic emotional feedbacks, product optimization and innovation can be carried out.




3. Consumer profiling and purchasing motivation analysis to support precise product marketing

AI-powered analysis captures consumers' real purchasing motivations for a product and determines who will use the product, where, and for what purposes. This enables targeted marketing or optimization for the target audience.


Additionally, clicking on the link to the SellerSprite web version of the review analysis report allows you to determine the best selling variations based on the number of ratings and control the inventory of each variation. By analyzing the trend of reviews for each variation, you can identify the peak selling season and manage the product's inventory cycle effectively.



In addition to AI-powered review analysis, SellerSprite has also made a significant upgrade to the existing SellerSprite Listing Builder function, introducing an AI mode that can automatically generate listings using keyword libraries and ChatGPT's capabilities. This eliminates the challenges of high translation and localization difficulty and incomplete keyword coverage, increasing efficiency and effectiveness by more than 50%. 


And the best part? It's still free! Simply register for a SellerSprite account to use it.

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