How to Write Keywords for Amazon Selling Listing?

Good keywords can bring traffic to Listing. With the traffic, it is possible to have the conversion, so as to improve ranking, Listing weight, and can bring new traffic, thus forming a virtuous circle.
What is a good keyword? We define it as a keyword that allows customers to search for your product.
We will take the milk frother (US department) as an example to show how to write keywords on Amazon.

The main steps are as follows:
1. Keyword collection: utilize Keyword Mining and Reverse ASIN to collect vast relevant keywords;
2. Keyword filtering: utilize Keyword List to filter the collected keywords, and select the most useful keywords;
3. Keyword writing: layout the filtered keywords into the Listing title and Search Term.

1. Keyword Collection
Before collecting keywords, we must be familiar with our own products and know what the product is called and how to be called by customers. Find the core keywords of the product and then expand keywords.
The easiest way is to directly refer to the keyword of the last level category, such as Milk Frothers.

If it is not accurate enough, for example, the last level category keyword of “face slimming strap” is “mask”, you can use SellerSprite - Reverse ASIN to find the competitor's traffic keywords.

1) Intelligent Mining: based on the keyword you search, the system will find a niche market according to customer’s real search behavior on Amazon, and then reverse to find all keywords that bring traffic to this subdivided market.
After entering “milk frother”, we get 200+ relevant keywords.

It includes keywords such as “coffee mixer” and “handheld blender” that are not related to “milk frother” literally, but hover the mouse over the corresponding keywords, we can see that they are the same kind of product.

Intelligent Mining can directly find the keyword’s subdivided market, and master all core traffic keywords of the corresponding subdivided market.

2) Get Keywords: find relevant keywords of the original keyword and more precise words.
After entering “milk frother”, we get long-tail words containing “milk frother”, such as milk frother handheld and milk steamer and frother, which can help you get more accurate traffic sources.

We can also learn more about the product by utilizing the smallest unit words used by competitors in SellerSprite - Reverse ASIN - Unique Words.

Keywords that can be obtained:
  • The core root: frother, mixer, blender, maker
  • Feature: mini, powder, battery, electric, hand
  • Object: chocolate, matcha, latte, cappuccino, drink

2. Keyword Filtering
We can use SellerSprite - Keyword List to filter out the keywords that are really usable from the collected keywords.

Key points of filtering:
1) Keyword features match your product.
Example: milk warmer(×)/milk foamer (√)
You can hover the mouse over the keyword to see whether the product listed under the keyword is consistent with your product, or click the button following the keyword to jump to the search results page on Amazon to view the product.

2) Keyword data looks good.
Core keywords with high search volume, purchase rate and low click concentration.

Or precise long-tail words with low search volume but high purchase rate. Check them to add to the keyword list.

The core keywords that can be obtained:

milk frother、electric whisk、latte machine、handheld mixer、milk steamer、coffee frother、milk frother handheld、mini whisk、drink mixer、milk steamer and frother、handheld blender、hand frother、electric milk frother、handheld milk frother、hand held mixer、milk foamer、coffee mixer、latte maker、latte frother、frother battery operated、milk frother electric

3. Keyword Writing
1) Listing title
Limitation of length: no more than 200 characters. Since the mobile terminal only shows the first 60 characters of the title, we must put the most important information within the first 60 characters.
Title formula: brand + core keywords + feature words + size/color + use scene/object
The title can be written based on the formula:
[Brand]Milk Frother Handheld Electric Whisk for Hot Chocolate,Lattes,Mini Foamer for Cappuccino,Drink Mixer With Stainless Steel,Coffee Frother Battery Operated

2) Search Term
Limitation of length: no more than 200 characters. (do not reuse keywords used in the title)
latte machine handheld mixer milk steamer coffee frother mini whisk milk steamer handheld blender hand frother electric milk frother handheld milk frother handheld mixer milk foamer coffee mixer latte maker latte frother electric coffee frother wand mixer frother for bulletproof coffee.

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