SellerSprite Extension Upgraded Version 2.2


SellerSprite upgrades extension to 2.2 version, integrating five major functions and completely rewriting the user interface.
The copy of Keepa Extension: free lifetime trial.
Product Research: almost all dimensions’ historical trends can be viewed
Reverse ASIN: more convenient than the Web version.
Keyword Mining: copy the Web version perfectly.
Keyword Checker: view your product ranking.
Download SellerSprite Extension.

Product Selection
1. SellerSprite Extension - Product Selection: BSR selection

It allows you to do preliminary market analysis while browsing BSR, and quickly judge the feasibility of the market.

2. SellerSprite Extension - Product Selection: Hot new releases selection
Don't want to be a victim as soon as you enter the market? Then first analyze the difficulty of entering the market through the performance of new products.

Keyword Research
3. SellerSprite Extension - Keyword Research
Each keyword corresponds to a subdivided market. Enter any keyword, and browse the search results page while simultaneously doing market analysis.

Competitive Analysis

4. SellerSprite Extension - Competitive Analysis
Open Listing details page of any competitive products and you can study together with other related competitive products!

5. SellerSprite Extension - Competitive Products Tracking
Track the current inventory of competitive products at any time, and easily grasp the sales and replenishment of competitive products.

6. SellerSprite Extension - Competitive Products’ Reviews Analysis
Download all reviews of the Listing detailed page, and do statistical analysis at any moment, from anywhere.

Keyword Tools
7. SellerSprite Extension - Keyword Mining
Start auto-mining on the Amazon search results page.

8. SellerSprite Extension - Reverse ASIN
Reverse the real traffic keywords of competitive products on the Listing detailed page, which is better than the competitor's Search Term.

Free Tools
9. SellerSprite Extension - Free Tools - The copy of Keepa Extension
The copy of Keepa extension, with a more concise user interface and free lifetime trial!

10. SellerSprite Extension - Free Tools - Keyword Checker
Open the Keyword Checker of extension on the Listing detailed page, and enter the keywords to search the ASIN’s keyword ranking in batches.

Useful small features
11. SellerSprite Extension - Useful small features - FBA profit calculator
The built-in profit calculator can analyze product profit margins in real-time and quickly filter products with large profit margins.

12. SellerSprite Extension - Useful small features - Google Trends
View the keyword’s search trends.

13. SellerSprite Extension - Useful small features - Review Rate

If the review rate is far higher than the industry average level, there must be abnormal!

14. SellerSprite Extension - Useful small features - Add to Product Tracking
When you see a product you're interested in, light up the little red heart.

Data Export
15. SellerSprite Extension - Data Export
Both product research and keyword tools support data export, convenient for you to carry out secondary analysis at any moment, from anywhere.

More Tips
16. SellerSprite Extension - More Tips

The page size can be scaled freely, giving you an exclusive customized experience!

17. SellerSprite Extension - More Tips
Support multiple metrics sorting, so that your product selection is reasonable!

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