How to Efficiently Analyze Amazon Reviews?


Product reviews are gold dust for sellers in the competitive marketplace of Amazon. They provide invaluable insights into customer satisfaction, product quality, and potential aspects for improvement. However, with probably hundreds or thousands of reviews across your product range, analyzing them can seem daunting. But don't worry. Here’s an easy approach to efficiently analyze your Amazon product reviews.

SellerSprite has designed a free Chrome Extension for Amazon sellers and there are 100,000+ people using it to run a more efficient and profitable FBA business. (Click here for a try)

SellerSprite and Shulex have joined forces to introduce an AI-powered intelligent review analysis feature bolstered by ChatGPT. This innovation not only automates the cumbersome process of review analysis but also enables the generation of review analysis reports with a single click directly from the listing page, presenting the data in multi-dimensional statistical tables. Moreover, Amazon sellers are not required to train AI models themselves, nor do they need to pay additional AI fees. This significantly reduces both the time and financial costs of operations.

Let's take the following egg cooker as an example to see how the above-mentioned features work.

Open the "AI Review Analysis" of SellerSprite's Extension on the Listing page of the product, and click "Generate AI Analysis Report" for details.

The system will automatically extract six dimensions of information based on the top 300 reviews of the listing, via Shulex's self-developed algorithm and ChatGPT, including customer profile, product pros and cons, usage scenario, customer expectation, and purchase motivations.

Click to jump to the Shulex official website for in-depth insights on all data, competitors comparison, and category analysis.  

Sellers can also click on the "Check SellerSprite Insights" or the previous "Generate SellerSprite Analysis Report" to redirect to the web version of SellerSprite for detailed multi-dimensional review analysis reports.

"Customer Profile + Usage Scenario" Help with Product Development
Quickly list the high-frequency usage scenarios of the product and locate the core user group. At the same time, it will also capture some exciting scenes and seek more market opportunities.

It can be easily found that this egg cooker is mainly used by women for cooking or as gifts.

"Customer Expectation + Product Pros and Cons" Analysis Boost Product Innovation and Upgrading
Search for customer expectations in the analysis, capture the most mentioned product pros and cons by customers, and use these real emotional feedback to optimize and innovate the product.

"Consumer Profile + Purchase Motivations" Analysis Assist in Precise Product Marketing
AI intelligent analysis captures customers' real purchasing motivations for products, as well as who will use the product and where the product will be used? So as to carry out precise marketing or optimize selling points for the target consumers.

The above is the AI intelligent review analysis displayed on the extension side. Click to jump to the review analysis report of SellerSprite's web version, and you can also see multi-dimensional analysis based on all reviews.

This listing has a total of 7 variants and 28,530 reviews. You can clearly see the exact ratings and number of reviews for each variant. By default, it is arranged in descending order of ratings. Variations without reviews will not be displayed.

Generally speaking, the higher the sales of a variant, the more reviews it has. So it can be inferred that the best-selling variant of this egg cooker is Color: Black | Style: Cooker.

Get the Hang of the Review Changing Trends

The Rating Ratio and Ratings by Stars refers to the number of ratings/reviews by each star on the listing and their ratio in the total rating/total reviews.

It can be seen that the ratings by stars in this listing is 7.8%, which is much higher than the rating ratio of 1-star rating (2.8%).

And the reviews will be exactly displayed in the front end and can be seen by buyers, directly affecting the conversion rate of the listing. If the negative review rate is high, you can view the specific negative review content in the review list to make targeted improvements.

Then you can switch among different time ranges to see if the trend of reviews has improved with copywriting optimization and product improvement.

Lift Your Listing Conversion Rate

Out of the total 28,530 reviews in this listing, 18,625 were VP reviews, 718 were picture reviews, and 134 were video reviews.

Generally speaking, the conversion rate of reviews with pictures or videos in a listing is usually higher, so this indicator can be used to compare or analyze the ratio of different types of reviews in competitors. Provided that your competitors do not have reviews with videos while there are video reviews on your own listings, your conversion rate may be higher.

Conduct Your Production and Stocking Reasonably

Based on the number and ratio of reviews on different variants, the sales of different variants can be estimated, helping sellers to control their inventory in a more targeted way.

You can also switch time ranges and variations to view the distribution of recent reviews and adjust stocking plans in a timely manner.

By selecting different variations, the variation tendency of variant reviews can be used to determine the peak season of the product, which helps sellers to have a clear idea of when to increase stocking and when to start promotion.

It should be noted that reviews generally have a certain degree of delay, as it takes time for customers to place orders, receive goods, and leave reviews after trial. So the real peak sales season may need to be pushed forward a bit during the peak review period.

There is still a lot of value that Amazon reviews can provide to sellers, and sellers can view these reviews one by one in the Amazon frontend or manually copy and paste them into a table for data statistics. However, the significance of the tool is to improve operational efficiency and help sellers yield twice the result with half the effort. Considering that, SellerSprite will be your solid choice!

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