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  1. I Introduction
  2. II Marketing Analysis
  3. III Customized product categories
  4. IV Feasibility suggestion

I. Introduction

Mirror Front Lamps: A Favorite Among Women with Over 800,000 Sold Annually!

On Amazon, a plethora of hot-selling single items of mirror front lamps emerge continuously, with their illuminating effects and decorative performance being the main drivers of business growth.

Featuring ample light, compact size, and attractive aesthetics, along with the advantage of simple installation processes, these lamps are highly suitable for morning or evening activities such as makeup, hairstyling, and skincare needs.

Which styles of lighting fixtures are more popular? How much sales volume can lighting fixtures achieve? What is the appropriate pricing for lighting fixtures?

This article takes mirror front lamps as an example to analyze their performance in the Amazon market, the competitive landscape of the products, and consumer profiles, hoping to inspire you.

II. Marketing Analysis

Mirror Front Lamps Market Analysis

  1. Each keyword has a Google search popularity, most of which show relative stability, with a few keywords wall light and vanity lights showing significant cyclical fluctuations. In addition, wall light is relatively classic, with search popularity stabilizing from 2022.
  2. From a one-year trend, the trend began to rise around September and peaked in December.
  3. The keywords for this product include:

- Vanity lights

- Vanity mirror with lights

- Bathroom light fixtures

- Wall light

- Makeup light

  1. In terms of the ABA ranking position of keywords, the core keyword vanity lights is ranked lower than makeup light, indicating that Mirror Front Lamps with the function of connecting to a make-up mirror are more popular than those without the function of connecting to a make-up mirror among similar products.
  2. According to the trend of keyword ABA ranking, basically the peak season for Mirror Front Lamps is from February to January every year.

BSR sales

 In terms of monthly sales, the sales scale has a small peak in December every year, but no particularly obvious seasonality; there is a short-term uptrend in May 2022, which quickly falls back and then stabilizes.

 The overall annual growth rates from 2019 to 2022 are -9.64%, 78.42%, 8.87% and -15.80%, respectively, and the U.S. mirror headlight market is gradually stepping into a mature stage after several years of rapid development.

 The number of products basically remained stable at around 5,000 in the past year, and a wave of rapid product entry phenomenon occurred in October 2023, with the number of products exceeding 6,000 units.

III. Customized product categories

  1. Vanity lights, a type of fixture commonly installed in makeup areas, provide bright, even illumination for better makeup application and hairstyling.
  2. In the past, the lighting of a vanity area often relied on central ceiling or wall fixtures, which often failed to deliver adequate lighting for makeup needs.
  3. With advancements in lighting technology, there has been a realization that providing independent lighting for the vanity area is more ideal. Traditional sconces have thus become a popular choice. Over time, lighting designs have become more diverse, leading to a variety of vanity lights in different shapes, materials, and functionalities. These lights incorporate LED technology, smart system integration, and other innovations, continually driving the development of the home decor market.

  1. In 2022, the annual sales revenue of vanity lights approached $50 million, with an annual sales volume of approximately 830,000 units, marking a 15.8% year-on-year decrease in sales. Here is a brief analysis of different styles of vanity lights:
  2. High-volume Style (Vanity Lights with Makeup Table): In December 2023, this style had the highest monthly sales proportion, lowest average order value, highest number of new products, and was among the earliest/latest to be introduced. This category is relatively new and price-sensitive.
  3. Mature Style (Bathroom Wall Sconces): This style has the highest product quantity and monthly sales revenue proportion. It has been in development since as early as 2007, boasting a long lifecycle and stable demand.
  4. Watch-list Style (LED Vanity Lights): This style has a moderate market share despite not being an early entrant. It relies on technological innovation, requiring high standards for product research and development.

Disclaimer: The conclusions made in this search are not legally binding, and are only used as a reference basis for patent dispute risk assessment, and do not mean that patent disputes or lawsuits that may be encountered in the future can be completely ruled out.

Suggestion: Mirror lamp related products in the United States appearance patent search, the frequency is particularly high, almost all the hot products have the exact same appearance patents, some of them also have invention patents, and it is impossible to rule out whether other products are in the process of applying for patents.

If you are a seller who intends to deeply cultivate this sub-category for a long time, it is recommended that you consider patent application before sales. If you confirm that you want to apply for a patent, please confirm the market sales situation by yourself, and it is recommended that the patent application be made before sales.

According to VOC AI & SellerSprite statistics, in 2022, the market size of mirror front lamps exceeded $49 million, with sales surpassing 800,000 units. It is projected that sales will continue to grow in 2023 to 2025 at an annual rate of 18.53%.

However, despite the continuous increase in sales volume of mirror front lamps, the annual sales revenue has slightly decreased. Therefore, Amazon sellers must not overlook the power of "pricing" to increase product gross profit. Analyzing the LED styles within mirror front lamps:

- Prices ranging from $20 to $39.99 constitute the highest proportion of ASINs, reaching 27.3%, representing the mainstream range.

- Except for the range above $100, the quantities and sales proportions are balanced across all other price ranges.

- New products are appearing in the $0 to $19.99 price range, employing a strategy of entering the market with low prices.

Considering the current situation, low pricing is not the only choice. During the period of gradual consumer recovery, it is essential to seek new breakthroughs.

Understanding consumer profiles is essential for both the market and the product. From the basic demographics of mirror front lamp users, we can observe the following:

- Usage scenarios: Makeup and mirrors are frequently mentioned keywords, indicating that these lamps are typically used in conjunction with mirrors to enhance brightness.

- Usage locations: Mainly in household indoor spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms, reflecting everyday life needs.

- Demographic relationships: "Daughter" and "wife" are the most frequent keywords, accounting for up to 55.4%, indicating that the primary user base is predominantly female.

- Usage times: Mainly used daily, especially in the morning, indicating a high frequency of consumer use.

IV. Feasibility suggestion

Comprehensive Feasibility Proposal

Product Selection Recommendations

  1. Preferably, opt for reliable adhesive or suction cup installation methods, or alternatively, utilize a wall-mounting kit to meet various installation needs.
  2. Focus on selecting mirror front lamps with high brightness and adjustable color temperature to fulfill users' brightness requirements.
  3. Configurations should include combinations of 3-5 bulbs or sets of 10, balancing price and lighting effectiveness.

Marketing Promotion Suggestions

  1. Highlighting the product's adjustability, diverse colors, and lighting modes to meet the needs of female consumers for makeup, bedroom decoration, and ambiance creation.
  2. Advertising can be targeted on social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook to reach the primary female user demographic. Publishing tutorials and creative styling videos to attract the target audience.

Operations and Product Recommendations

  1. Optimize packaging and instruction manuals, providing detailed installation steps, and enhance pre-sales consulting services.
  2. Develop lightweight smart-controlled mirror front lamps, offering scene modes, automatic dimming, and other functionalities.

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