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Canonical URL: open here

🌞 What is the Canonical URL?

1. Technical Perspective: From SEO standpoint, a canonical URL is a way of telling search engines what is the correct product on amazon for searching keyword.  By setting a canonical URL, Amazon ensures that search engines index the version of the page they deem most useful, which helps in maintaining consistency in search rankings and get some traffic from there.

2. User Experience (UX) and Marketing Angle: Canonical URLs are key in guiding potential customers to the most relevant and authoritative page for a product. This improves the user's experience by avoiding confusion caused by multiple pages with similar content. It also helps in marketing efforts, as all SEO and promotional activities can be concentrated on the canonical page, making these efforts more effective and targeted.

How it seems ?

On amazon website/ product detail page. There are mainly 5 keywords separate each other by  - before ASIN

The best Canonical URL should contain the most important keyword phrase of amazon listing. Cause it ultimately ranks on google and other search engines.

However, due to the randomness, some Canonical URLs can not successfully contain the core keywords, it might be the result of amazon thinks which keyword is suitable for this product. 

So how to modify the this URL?

It is created by amazon automatically and almost not possible to change it directly.

But we can use Seller Sprite  Link Generator - Canonical URL function to manually select 5 keywords and generate a new URL.

Basically add the 5 keywords as below and ASIN as well, then create Canonical URL. So I am gonna create Canonical URL for this 


Keyword 1   Seller

Keyword 2   Sprite 

Keyword 3  Neck

Keyword 4  Travel 

Keyword 5   Pillow 

Now you could Copy or Open on new window to use it 

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