Difference Between Category Product Count and Search Result Count

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Market Research - Total Number of Products

This refers to the total number of products listed in a category on the Amazon front-end, indicating how many products have selected that category as their listed category. The larger the total number of products, the more sellers/products are competing in that market.

Taking "Pillowcases" as an example,

You can navigate to the category homepage from Seller Sprite's Market Selection feature by clicking on the icon at the end of the category path:


This will redirect you to the Amazon front-end category homepage, which displays:


All products listed belong to the category "Pillowcases":



Keyword Research - Search Results

This refers to the number of relevant products that appear after searching for a keyword on the Amazon front-end.

The products in these search results are identified by the Amazon system as relevant to the search keyword through their titles, Search Terms, PPC keywords, etc., and may not necessarily belong to the category represented by the search keyword.

Using "Pillowcases" as an example again,

The number of products in Seller Sprite's Keyword Selection feature:


The number of search results displayed when searching for the keyword "Pillowcases" on the Amazon front-end:


The products listed on the search results page may not necessarily belong to the category "Pillowcases":


If you notice discrepancies between the number of search results on the Amazon front-end and the number of products in the Keyword Research feature, please click to view detailed explanations:

Unraveling the Mystery of Amazon Keyword Search Result Counts

Friendly Reminder:

Why do I often see discrepancies between the number of products on the Amazon official website and the numbers on Seller Sprite?

This is because users generally have local IPs (shipping addresses), such as China or Hong Kong, while we fetch Amazon product counts using US IPs, such as Seattle or New York.

Under the same search conditions,

When the IP (shipping address) is Hong Kong:


When the IP (shipping address) is Seattle:



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