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What is a Referral Code?

Each referral code can be used to redeem a 30-day usage license for one SellerSprite feature for free, making it convenient for new users to become familiar with SellerSprite.

Who can use it?

All free members who have registered a SellerSprite account can use the referral code.

Each feature can only be redeemed once, and each account can redeem up to 3 different features.

How to redeem and use it?

1、Register and log in to your SellerSprite account, click on the personal avatar in the upper right corner, and go to "Referral Bonus".

2、Enter the referral code you received and click "Submit".

3、After successful redemption, the remaining usage time for the corresponding feature will be displayed on the right side.


Q: I wanted to redeem the "Extension" but entered the code for "Keyword Mining". Can I undo it?

A:Unfortunately, SellerSprite does not support undoing redemptions. "Extension" is also useful; you can try it and maybe then you will like it.

Each account can only redeem 3 different features, with each feature corresponding to a different referral code. So, be sure before redeeming!

Q:Can I redeem the "Keyword Mining" feature three times?

A:No. Each feature can only be redeemed once. You can only redeem three different features, switching to a new feature after using one for a while to get more freshness.

Q:I'm a paid member. Can I redeem referral codes?

A:Referral codes are mainly for the convenience of free users who are using SellerSprite for the first time to understand and familiarize themselves with the features. Paid members cannot use referral codes.

Q:I have a 3-day membership from a registration bonus. Will redeeming a referral code increase the usage time for features accordingly?

A:No. The usage time cannot be stacked.

Q: Can I be a referral officer?

A:If you want to become our recommendation ambassador, please contact our customer service staff to open the function of sharing the referral codes for you.

For every 10 people who use your referral code, you can contact customer service for 30 days of free time.

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