Keyword Mining Guide

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Keyword Mining gives you relevant keywords along with Amazon search volume, search trends and other needed data.

Now, Let me give you an overview on how it works for your Amazon business.

First: Keyword mining helps you find the most powerful relevant keywords to improve listing, PPC, and therefore sales.

Once you open SellerSprite Keyword Mining Tool, there are two ways to get your keyword list:
Search for phrase matches keywords by clicking "Get Keywords".
Search your audience terms keywords by clicking "Intelligent Mining".

Learn more about the differences between these two search methods.

Let’s try “flashlight” in Get Keywords section , select the right marketplace, and click search now.

You’re gonna to see a comprehensive list of its related keywords sorted by search volume descending. If this keyword you have searched before, you can find it in the search history.

Here are many columns, dominant category, search volume, monthly sales and others, you can sort by the “results”, “monthly purchase” and “purchase rate” column by clicking the column title.

Second: Keyword mining reflects the market demand and helps you analyze the market trend and product cycle.

Let’s take fingerlings as an example, it was a trending product in 2017, enter and search the seed keyword “fingerlings”.

Through the monthly search trend of the crucial keywords, we can see that the shoppers search this product most often in Q four.

You can click in to see a detailed graph of how each keyword search volume was trended in the past.

The keyword “fingerlings” was searched most from Sep to Dec in 2017, and is super high is Dec, then, it falls and keeps stable after that month. And as the product became popular, the purchase rate starts going steadily after May 2017.

There is a option of display by year, so that you can compare the yearly search volume.Seen from this graph, we find that the search volume in 2018 remains stable, it may has been a product for long term sales. You can switch to Google trend to verify the trend.

Market Analysis is showing the product’s average price/reviews/rating for the first 3 pages of search results after searching for this keyword on Amazon(natural search results).

Third: Keyword mining helps you discover the profitable product. 

We can identify the niche market through the broad keywords. The keyword “mat”, as an example, we find the most searched keywords which relate to mat are yoga mat, door mat, bath mat, etc.

Each keyword reflects a independent niche market. The higher the keyword ranks, the higher the search volume is (demand the shoppers have), and you can further validate or invalidate the product idea based on the market discovery.  

Fourth: Keyword mining helps you analyze the competitors.

For instance, the two most well-known famous brands, Anker and Aukey. You are able to judge their industry status by searching their brand keyword.

Let’s start with Aukey, the searches for this keyword in the latest month is nearly 70 thousand, and the keywords followed are the product keyword which includes the brand name, searches starts decreasing from around 10 thousand gradually.

Go ahead with Anker, the searches for the brand keyword is 50K, the number is similar to the Aukey. However, the searches for product keywords decreases from 20 thousand, which is higher than Aukey, that means shoppers may has brand royal for Anker’s product.

That’s Sellersprite’ keyword mining, all these column title has explanations that you can view by hovering over the little question marks. And there are three buttons on the toolbar of results, you can click them to copy result to clipboard, download the result to Excel file or to see the unique words.

One more thing, we have extension for this feature. When you are searching on Amazon page, you can get the keywords directly by clicking the SellerSprite’s icon on the toolbar.