Why do Keywords in Market Demand and Trends Seem Unrelated to Products?

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In market analysis reports, industry demands and trends are derived from the monthly search volume trends of the top 5 core traffic keywords in a category over the past three years. This can to some extent be used to judge the market's high and low seasons as well as market trends.

However, sometimes it may occur that the keywords in industry demands and trends seem somewhat unrelated to the specific sub-category. For instance, in the Slippers category on the US site, keywords appeared in the Market Demands and Trends. such as


"maternity robe,"

"maternity robes for hospital,"

"maternity overalls"


"Slippers" and "robe" seem like two completely unrelated words. But is there some kind of connection between them?

When searching for the keyword "robe" on the Amazon front-end,


related searches include "slippers," an entry point for this specific sub-category:


Similarly, when searching for the keyword "maternity robe," related products of slippers also appear in the search results:


In reality, robes and slippers, both used in home settings, are designed to meet users' needs for comfort and relaxation. They can be considered as complementary products. So, users who are looking for robes may also click on and purchase slippers when searching for the keyword "robe." This increases the weight of the product "slippers" for the keyword "robe," leading to slippers appearing when users search for robes.

Another example is the Travel Mugs & Tumblers category on the US site, where the keywords in industry demands and trends include

"gifts for men,"

"gifts for dad,"

"dad gifts,"

"gifts for him,"

"mens gifts for birthday."


When searching for the keyword "gifts for men," travel mugs-related products appear:


If we set the usage scenario as gifts for dad/men, then "gifts for men" itself can be used as a keyword for travel mugs. In other words, although keywords and products may seem unrelated on the surface, there is definitely some connection between them. These keywords have also brought real exposure to the products.

In conclusion, a product's search traffic (organic search traffic) doesn't just come from the product's own keywords but also from related keywords and user scenario keywords.

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