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Field Explanation

Brand: The brand of this ASIN Seller: Current BuyBox sellers BSR: Category Best Seller Rank(Show parent ASIN ranking when parent and child ASIN share ranking) Hover over BSR figures to see the sub-category ranking, and click on the BSR figures to see historical ranking trends Price: Latest BuyBox price Sold Units: Estimated sales for the last 30 days Click on the numbers to see the historical sales trend for the last 3 years Revenue: Estimated revenue of this product in the corresponding marketplace for the last 30 days Star Rating:Listing Rating Star Number of Ratings:Total number of ratings Q&A: The total number of Q&A
FBA Fee:Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) fees are calculated per unit, based on size and weight of the product Launch Time: Take the earliest time the Listing was found: Date First Available (Display on listing detail page, often do not shown) Date of the first review on the listing page The earliest recorded date of Keepa Sellers: The Number of Sellers currently selling this ASIN Fulfillment: Fulfillment method of the current Buybox (FBA, FBM, or AMZ)

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