AI-powered Consumer Insight for Staying Ahead in Creating Bestselling Products

What is Customer Review Management?

Customer review management involves actively analyzing and supervising feedback for your brand's online products/services across all platforms. Effective customer review management includes promptly addressing customer concerns, eliminating fake reviews, and conducting comprehensive Voice of Customer (VOC) listening. This shapes a positive brand image.
How VOC Empowers Businesses

01|What is VOC

The most accurate definition: According to Six Sigma, VOC, or Voice of Customer, refers to customer feedback on brand, products, and services, encompassing comments, expectations, preferences, and more.

Huawei: Digital Customer Experience System. Centered around customers, it focuses on the entire process of product experience design. Using a process method—Design Thinking+three platforms—Customer Voice Management Platform, Design Architecture Platform, Information Platform. This involves comprehensive customer participation in product experience design, gaining insights into real customer usage needs and addressing gaps between customers and product experience design.

Wikipedia: the in-depth process of capturing customer expectations, preferences, and dislikes. It's a market research technique that generates a detailed set of customer requirements organized hierarchically, then prioritized based on relative importance and satisfaction with current alternatives. It involves qualitative and quantitative research steps. It's typically conducted at the start of any new product, process, or service design plan to better understand customer needs, serving as a key input for defining new product features, quality function deployment, and detailed design specifications.

02|The Practical Value of VOC in Business Operations

VOC plays a primary role in strategic planning, serves as verification support in the concept/planning/development phases, and apart from primary lifecycle monitoring in the lifecycle stages (pre-launch - product launch), it also plays a role in validation and retrospective analysis for strategies (e.g., usability testing and NPC satisfaction testing).

Empowering Explosive Product Creation through VOC

How to create explosive products? Pay attention to these five points.

1. Category Selection
    Choose products that are high-demand and essential, while considering market density and a relatively healthy competitive environment.

2. Understanding User Profiles
     Who uses the product, in what scenarios, and for what purposes?

3. Avoid Homogeneity
     Find products with competitive advantages to avoid homogeneity.

4. Address Pain Points with Features
     Uncover genuine consumer needs to avoid self-indulgent features.

5. Reject "Ugliness"
     Meet aesthetic standards, offer practical functionality, and provide a positive user experience.

With the aid of AI tools, all these questions can be perfectly addressed. Shulex VOC, based on ChatGPT/AI, provides omnichannel intelligent consumer voice insight, presenting multi-dimensional core data that sellers care about, enabling the creation of explosive products.

SellerSprite's Review Analysis, Empowering Success

SellerSprite, in an exciting collaboration with Shulex, has embarked on a transformative journey to elevate and refine our renowned review analysis feature. 
With this remarkable enhancement, you are now granted unparalleled access to an expansive and meticulous panorama of your valued customers. This sophisticated integration empowers you to delve deeper into the intricate tapestry of consumer insights, providing you with a comprehensive and thorough understanding that transcends expectations.

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