How do Amazon new sellers increase the search ranking of listing?


First, starting from the main factors affecting the product search ranking, it can be divided into the following three aspects. 
1. Relevance
The relevance of keywords affects the basic factors of search ranking.  The premise of the search is that the product is related to the keywords used by the buyer, such as the term " air – conditioning ", which is entered by the buyer, but if the seller sells a refrigerator, even though he is a super seller, the cross-border e-commerce platform Amazon will not push it to the buyer, that is, there is no search ranking.  If the a is sold is air conditioning, b sells is also air – conditioning, then see armour and b who the product and the buyer use the key words match, the matching degree is higher, the search page is also more forward. 

2. Sales volume and conversion rate
The sales of each product is different, the conversion rate is high and low, this factor will also affect the search and sorting of goods. 

3. Account weight and performance
Amazon's concept of a cross – border e – commerce platform is a heavy product light store, and attaches great importance to the buyer's purchasing experience. if the performance indicators of the seller store in the Amazon are excellent, doing very well in terms of products or services, Amazon will also increase the weight of the shop's products accordingly.  But how do new sellers of cross-border e – commerce improve product search rankings?  First of all, we should make clear a direction, the search ranking is based on the keyword search a ranking, so the seller should focus on the use of the product keywords, the various details of the product are optimized and adjusted to try to match with the buyer search keywords. 

Second, to improve the keyword in the search index, the exposure rate can be from the following:
1. improve the matching degree of keywords
(1) classification of products: when publishing a product, select the large class and subdivision of the product.  If the product is divided into the wrong category, or into the wrong category, in addition to the possibility of Amazon's warning, it may miss a lot of search traffic.  But as long as the seller is careful, the wrong big class this kind of problem will not appear. 

(2) titie ( title ): title is a very basic factor affecting search ranking.  Good title can create profit for the product, it needs to be written carefully.  A good title should not only express the basic information of the product ( including core keywords, such as a brand, a product line or model, material or major component, color, size, number, but the first keyword in the title ), and also be consistent with the buyer's search habits, so to write a good title, the seller in the Amazon does not only need to master the basic information of the product, but also to understand the market, understand the buyer and competitors. 

(3) bullet point ( short description ): bullet point ( short description ) is mainly used to list the main selling points and highlights of the product, including the introduction of the product, size, function, product features and advantages, transportation time ( which can be written in case of a limitation advantage ), use, such as holiday gift, etc.  This content is what the buyer will read when he further understands the product

(4) description: long description as an extension of short description, there is a great space to write keywords, describe in detail, and supplement the information of the product.  But notice that when you set up, you don't repeat the keywords that you put in the title ( title ), and if you use a keyword in the title, you can fill in another similar or other keyword in the description. 

(5) search term ( keyword ): the keywords set in search term are not displayed in the foreground, filling in the word is equivalent to the database, when the buyer searches for a keyword, if it happens to be written in the seach term, then automatic match, including complete matching, phrase matching, fuzzy matching.  So the seller can fill in the seach term, and you can fill in the words that are not used in the titie ( title ). 

(6) picture quality: the picture has visual impact.  Good pictures can even more directly attract people's eyeballs than words can describe.  Before the sale of the product, the product to shoot more attention angle, light, put out the picture should be clear enough, not over PS.  Good pictures can also attract sellers to further detail the description of products, in the product details interface stay longer, also can reduce the bounce rate. 

(7) create multiple attribute variants.  For products with different color and size.  Building multiple attribute variants, creating parent-child variants, the child product as an independent listing information, can increase the search weight of the product.  At the same time, all of the child's comments will be concentrated under a listing, the more praise the more, to improve the conversion rate of order. 

2. research on the search habits of buyers
Different buyer search habits are different, may use the long tail keywords, product name, or use the brand name and product name combined to search together.  For different products, the seller in the Amazon in the process of keyword optimization, try to localize the keyword or writing context. 

3. to improve the evaluation of products
(1) FBA
The cross-border ecommerce platform Amazon will give priority to products shipped with FBA.  When using FBA, the keyword search weight of the product will increase, the search ranking will be higher. 

(2) to promote the CPC station
Because of the relationship between the competitive environment, do the CPC station advertising listing, search rankings are not necessarily high.  But it is beneficial to the products to increase the visibility rate, if the seller in the optimization of the basis of the listing to do the CPC station promotion, the effect is still good. 

(3) ask for
Cross–border e–commerce platform Amazon is more willing to recommend good products to the seller.  And any word of mouth product, is through a long time to accumulate slowly.  So the demand for praise is a means to enhance public praise.  So, sellers in the Amazon can raise the product's evaluation by asking for good reviews. 

4. improve the evaluation of the shop
(1) increase the weight and performance of account number
According to the requirements of Amazon performance indicators, control the order defect rate, pre – delivery cancellation rate, delayed rate, effective tracking rate.  In fact, it is necessary to control the quality and service of the products. 

(2) control of inventory
Adequate inventory sales, so that the seller in the implementation of the sales plan without the worry of inventory. 

(3) adjust the price
Price is a sensitive thing.  A good product is sold to the right consumer at the right price.  In the different sales time of the product, the seller can adjust the price according to the market demand.

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